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Stanton Lanier - Featured Artist on WOTR Relaxing and Peaceful Hymns



Stanton Lanier Stanton Lanier

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More Info:
Stanton’s stated mission, to offer “peace and rest in a hurried world,” is accomplished through storytelling, but not in words. His stories are told through instrumental melodies on the piano, transporting a global listening audience to that unique interior place that brings peace to each person’s life and circumstances.

Songs we play from this artist on our station:

Song Title Album Title
All Things The Voice
Awaken The Dawn (Solo) Unveiled
AwakenThe Dawn Unveiled
Behold Still Waters
Call To Me Draw Near
Captivating The Voice
Contentment The Voice
Delight The Voice
Desire Draw Near
Discovery Unveiled
Discovery (Solo) Unveiled
Draw Near Draw Near
Dreams In The Night Unveiled
Eternity The Voice
First And Last Still Waters
First Love Draw Near
Freedom The Voice
Friends The Voice
Higher Draw Near
How Beautiful Still Waters
In The Morning Still Waters
Joyful Still Waters
Like The Wind Draw Near
More Precious Still Waters
One By One Draw Near
Peace The Voice
Quiet Place The Voice
Resting The Voice
Rivers Of Light Unveiled
Secret Things The Voice
Shine Still Waters
Silence Still Waters
Simplicity Draw Near
Still Waters Still Waters
Streams Draw Near
Surrender Draw Near
Taken By A Cloud Unveiled
Tears Of Lament The Voice
The Quest Unveiled
The Voice The Voice
To And Fro Unveiled
Turn Away Still Waters
Unveiled Unveiled
Wellspring Unveiled
Wildflowers Unveiled
Featured Albums
by This Artist:

Draw Near

Still Waters

The Voice


Walk In The Light



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