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101 Strings - Featured Artist on WOTR Relaxing and Peaceful Hymns



101 Strings 101 Strings

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"101 Strings" is a unique series of CDs and cassettes. It covers the whole range of the musical spectrum with each album based on a theme, whether it be particular songwriters, an era or a specific music style. All songs are performed by the "101 Strings" Orchestra and the collection features lush arrangements of a plethora of well known melodies. The lush magnificence and stereo/digital depth of the "101 Strings" is due to a combination of factors. First, in importance, is the concept of scoring for the strings. The necessity of using very large sections of string instruments is to utilize various harmonies and voicing and not weaken the dynamics or quality of any one line when playing counter lines. This is particularly important with violins and violas, and creates a wonderful, rich channel separation for stereo/digital recording. More...



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