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Chris Rice - Featured Artist on The Word of Truth Radio Acoustic Praise Cafe



Chris Rice Chris Rice

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Songs we play from this artist on our station:

Song Title Album Title
And Your Praise Goes On Short Term Memories
Belong Smell the Color 9
Calling Out Your Name Awesome God
Clumsy Deep Enough to Dream
Deep Enough To Dream Deep Enough to Dream
Hallelujahs Deep Enough to Dream
Home Tonight Smell the Color 9
Life Means So Much Smell the Color 9
Mama Prayers Short Term Memories
My Cathedral Run the Earth, Watch the Sky
My Dream Deep Enough to Dream
My Prayer Smell the Color 9
Nothin Snapshots
Prone To Wander Deep Enough to Dream
Spare An Angel Run the Earth, Watch the Sky
Welcome To Our World Deep Enough to Dream
Featured Albums
by This Artist:

Awesome God

Deep Enough to Dream

Run the Earth, Watch the Sky

Short Term Memories

Smell the Color 9




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