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Andrew Peterson - Featured Artist on The Word of Truth Radio Acoustic Praise Cafe



Andrew Peterson Andrew Peterson

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Songs we play from this artist on our station:

Song Title Album Title
After the Last Tear Falls Love and Thunder
All Shall Be Well The Far Country
All The Way Home Carried Along
Canaan Bound Love and Thunder
Carolina Appendix A
Come, Lord Jesus Carried Along
Doxology Appendix A
Faith To Be Strong Carried Along
Family Man Love and Thunder
Flesh and Blood Appendix A
For The Love of God The Far Country
High Noon Love and Thunder
Holy Is The Lord Appendix A
Isaiah 35 Live
Isn't It Love Clear To Venus
Just As I Am Love and Thunder
Land of the Free Clear To Venus
Let Me Sing Clear To Venus
Let There Be Light Love and Thunder
Little Boy Heart Alive The Far Country
Loose Change Clear To Venus
Love Enough Carried Along
Mary Picked The Roses Clear To Venus
More The Far Country
No More Faith Clear To Venus
Nothing To Say Carried Along
Passover Us Behold the Lamb of God
Pillar of Fire Love and Thunder
Queen of Iowa The Far Country
Rise and Shine Carried Along
Serve Hymn/Holy is the Lord Love and Thunder
Shiloh Carried Along
Song and Dance Clear To Venus
Steady As She Goes Clear To Venus
The Chasing Song Carried Along
The Ninety and Nine Carried Along
The Silence of God Love and Thunder
Thing About Airplanes Appendix A
Tools Love and Thunder
Venus Clear To Venus
Why Walk When You Can Fly Clear To Venus
Featured Albums
by This Artist:

Behold the Lamb of God

Carried Along

City on a Hill: The Gathering

Clear To Venus

Love and Thunder

The Far Country



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