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Do You Ever Wonder Where Our World Is Headed?
(A Look At Bible Prophecy)

Doesn't it seem like things around us are becoming more and more unstable and unpredictable each and every day?  Do we as humans have anything to look forward to or are we just destined to live in fear of what tomorrow may bring upon us?

Planet Earth has underwent some serious changes in the last 150 years or so, and now the human race has supposedly reached a standard of living that reaches higher than any throughout history.  But this increase in prosperity and technology has also brought about a surge of violence, war, and moral decline.  Disease and natural disasters have escalated to levels so extreme that these epidemics have become ordinary, everyday occurrences.





Today It Seems That Our Planet Is Racing Towards Some Sort of Monumentous Event

Everything around us has changed so much in the past century and now it appears that our extremely fast paced society is headed for some kind of grand climax in Earth's history.  But what is it?  Are we talking about World War III or what?  

Well, not quite: The event that we're referring to is far more important than anything else in all the cosmos.  We're talking here about the return of the Lord Jesus Christ to this planet.   This is the major event that all the Bible prophecies point forward to: the glorious day when Jesus shall come back to this Earth in order to gather His loved ones home and to put an end to this present age of evil.







But Does The Bible Give Us Any Indications As To How Soon This Second Coming of Christ Actually Is?

Yes, indeed it does!  In fact, there are many specific signs that the scriptures give us so that we can know where exactly we are in the scope of time.  One of the most convincing of these signs is located in the great prophetic book of Daniel.  It's Daniel 12:4  "But Thou, O Daniel, shut up the words and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall be increased."

Here the prophet says that in the time of the end things are really going to change.  People are going to be doing a lot more running around and knowledge will reach an all time high.  Now have we witnessed anything such as this?  Technology has simply exploded in the last 150 years.  Even the greatest of all skeptics has to admit that this sign has been fulfilled!

This world has been seriously shaken just since the rise of computers and the Internet.  Did you know that 80% of the world's knowledge has been brought forth in just the last decade?  It's also true that 90% of all the scientists that have ever lived are living right now!  











This World Has Been turned Upside-Down By Technology

Let's imagine for a moment what it would be like if we were to somehow take a person that lived a hundred years ago and bring that person down here to our point on time.  How do you think they would react?  No doubt that individual would lose their mind trying to figure out how things could be so different just one century down the road!  What other period of time has experienced such dramatic change as we have in the recent past?

You could take a person from any other point in history and move them forward a hundred years and it wouldn't really be that big of a deal.  Sure, the landscape might look a little different, but the technology would still be basically the same.  In most cases, you could move that person 1000 years ahead without any major advances in technology!

The verse in Daniel 12:4 also mentions that in "the time of the end many shall run to and fro" and just look at how much running around people are doing these days.  For all the thousands of years up until the Industrial Revolution, man could travel only as fast as his horse could carry him and it would require many days to travel from town to town.  But then all the sudden, man discovered steam power and just a couple centuries later we're blasting off into space!  Can you see how this all happened in a relatively short period of time?

It was  only around the turn of the 21st century when the Wright brothers were trying to get off the ground and then, just a few decades later, we made it all the way to the moon!




For Thousands of Years, This Is How Man Traveled...

Then, Just a Couple Centuries, Later...

Now, More Than Ever, People Are Running To And Fro

The author Norman Cousins, in his book Modern Man Is Obsolete, writes, "A wheel turned no faster in Hannibal's time than it did in George Washington's.  It took just as long to cultivate a wheat field in 5000 B.C. as it did anywhere at the turn of the nineteenth century.  The speed of technological change was almost as slow as that of life itself.  Then, suddenly, with the utilization of steam and electricity, more changes were made in technology in two generations than in all the thousands of years of previous human history put together.  Wheels and machines turned so fast that man could cover more distance in one day than he used to be able to do in a lifetime."

Howard Peth adds, in the book Vanishing Saints, "Noah in Bible days of old and Noah Webster of dictionary fame were each bound to the same slow speed of horseback or sailboat while traveling by land or sea. Then, as the curtain began to rise on "the time of the end", tremendous changes began to take place.  The difference between the world of the patriarch Abraham (from the Old Testament) and the world of Abraham Lincoln is less than that of the world of Lincoln's day and our own!"





"But Thou, O Daniel, shut up the words and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall be increased."  Daniel 12:4

While this verse obviously includes the drastic technological changes the human race has witnessed, it primarily refers to an increase in the understanding and comprehension of Bible prophecy in the last days.  Daniel was told to seal up his writings because they would not be opened up or fully understood until the time of the end.  Since many of the prophecies that Daniel recorded reach down to the very end of time, it makes since that God wants us to understand these messages, as they are vitally important for those living in this time right before Jesus returns.  Out of love for the human race, the Lord has not left this end time generation in the dark! 

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