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- Questions on Specific Bible Verses -



In Revelation 7, there is no mention of the tribe of Dan, but the other tribes are listed. Why? Was the tribe of Dan cut off?

Who is "the rock"? Peter or Jesus? (Matthew 16:18)

What is the Nicolaitan spirit or doctrine? Who are they?
(Revelation 2:6 & 15)

Where can I find the verse that says "tomorrow is promised to no man"?

Do we have an impure heart each time we tell a lie? (Matthew 15:18-19)  How can we know the truth of a person's heart?

I'm reading Galatians 6:1 and I'm wondering what the church is supposed to do when someone admits to adultery, molestation, etc.?

What's the difference between the worship of the beast and the worship of the Creator in Revelation 14?

In the parable of the 10 virgins, why are they all sleeping before the time comes?  What does this sleep mean or represent?

Is the phrase "to whom much is given, much will be required" found in the Bible?



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