Bottom of the Barrel
Please continue to pray for my fiancÚ who struggles with numerous and very serious health problems. He had his disability hearing but is still waiting to find out the judge's decision. In the meanwhile, he has a mountain of bills, including rent, that he can not pay. And he is sinking into a very deep, suicidal depression. Please pray that he will hear back from the Disability office asap, and that he will receive the disability that he so desperately needs. Also, I've been trying to help him out as much as possible with bills and to get his medicines. But I'm still unable to afford all of his medicine, so he does without. And Medicaid has let him know a number of times that unless/until he gets disability they won't help him either. This has had terrible consequences, making my fiancÚ's health spiral down even further. And he ended up back in the hospital again. His heart has gotten worse, his kidneys started to fail, and they said his platelet count has decreased.Plus, in addition to him, I'm also struggling financially and now medically too. I ended up in the hospital after getting sick myself. And I've been trying to find a second source of income. Please pray that I can find additional work so I can pay our bills and help him get all the medicines he needs. Thanks so much.