Pray Request Update: Please continue to pray for my fiancÚ. He is facing overwhelming medical, financial, and legal battles. He has been diagnosed with irreversible, life threatening health problems, and doctors have told him that he can no longer work. He has a mountain of bills now that he can not pay. He has to go back to court today because of non-payment. And he is still waiting to have his disability hearing. Please pray that today he will get the judge that is sympathetic to his situation. At a previous court date this judge asked him to please bring his medical records. We were also told that this particular judge would be able to find out when his disability hearing would be scheduled. Also, the last time he was in court, his attorney got sick and the case had to be delayed until today. Please pray that she will be in good health and able to appear at today's proceedings. Thanks so much for your continued prayers about this difficult situation.