Sandra Shumake Saunders
11/24  West Olive MI
Thankful today for, which is how I listen to talk radio during the day on my computer. As of last night, I found instrumental only Christmas music (not the junk music) from the hymnal! So, my computer was on all night! I fell asleep remembering the words to Christmas hymns without hearing those words! You can't imagine what this means to an ALZ mind that has daily struggles with things you would make you snicker - because they are easy for you. Well, I'm thanking God again for the choices on "WORD OF TRUTH" radio on my computer - what joy for my Thanksgiving Eve and forward! May God bless you with equal preciousness! Sandy P.S. If you love someone who has ALZ, make sure their environment has the precious name of Jesus in word and song all the time.ust a word of Thanksgiving Testimony: