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"Give thanks to the Lord and proclaim His greatness. Let the whole world know what He has done."
Psalm 105:1


Anonymous Friday November 18th - 4:19 AM MST

I wamt the world to know that the Lord restored my daughter to health after addiction to heroin. She was so close to death but through his grace He has restored her and made her whole. He heard this mother's heart felt cry for help and had mercy on my child. Blessed be His name forever.
Lee  Cambridge UK Monday November 14th - 3:38 AM MST

Praise God, after several years working towards a goal, I can see the fruit of my labour. I only got this far by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. His love fills our home, fills our hearts and binds us together giving us the strength to work through and overcome all of life's little ups and downs and sometimes tragedies. Thank you Jesus.
malik cooper Tuesday November 1st - 7:39 AM MDT

i have a job only by God's Grace and Mercy
Setiadi  Makassar, Indonesia Saturday October 22nd - 7:00 AM MDT

Tuhan Ubahkan setiadi untuk jadi saluran berkat Mu. Amin
Christopher  Hyderabad Thursday October 20th - 7:01 AM MDT

Praise GodBecause he lives, I can face tomorrow...
Because he lives, All fear is gone.
Eternity is in the palm of his hand, Our maker
and creator, Savior and Redeemer, Jehovah Jireh Our Provider

Praise be to His Name
Derek Monday October 17th - 10:36 PM MDT

God has been so much good to me, my family and my friends beyond measure. We have life and forgiveness..GLORY AND HONOR AND PRAISE BE HIS HOLY NAME NOW AND FOREVER. AMEN.
Livia Saturday October 15th - 12:19 PM MDT

I praise God for the answer He gave us to our prayers. My nephew is healthy now. Thank God.
Anonymous Wednesday September 14th - 9:42 PM MDT

Thank you God for my vision to improve and the visual discomfort more or less gone now..
Anonymous Wednesday September 7th - 7:46 AM MDT

Thank You Lord for the answered prayers..
Kathy  Scandinavia Saturday September 3rd - 8:12 AM MDT

This is part of a morning devotional by Charles Spurgeon, that says so well what I endeavored to express yesterday in my praise to Jesus:
"....the logical reason why we love Jesus lies in Himself.
Why do we love Jesus? Because He first loved us.
Why do we love Jesus? Because He "gave Himself for us." We have life through His death; we have peace through His blood. Though He was rich, yet for our sakes He became poor.
Why do we love Jesus? Because of the excellency of His person. We are filled with a sense of His beauty! an admiration of His charms! a consciousness of His infinite perfection! His greatness, goodness, and loveliness, in one resplendent ray, combine to enchant the soul till it is so ravished that it exclaims, "Yea, He is altogether lovely."
Blessed love this—a love which binds the heart with chains more soft than silk, and yet more firm than adamant!

Amen, and HalleluJAH!

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