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"Give thanks to the Lord and proclaim His greatness. Let the whole world know what He has done."
Psalm 105:1


Bonnie  South Carolina Monday February 13th - 11:06 AM MST

PRAISE THE LORD !!! I passed my nursing school more class to go until I become an RN. God is so faithful!!!
DAVe Allen  Edmonton, AB, Canada Tuesday February 7th - 8:25 PM MST

Wonderful lineup, just enjoy putting this station on all day. My children and my wife very much like this as the background for our household, and we believe it has been a blessing to us. Sincerest thank yous and God bless you all.
Janie  Colorado Saturday January 14th - 10:14 PM MST

I just happened to come across your radio station tonight as I was searching the internet. I just really needed some calming praise music and clicked on your site. I am so glad I did. I have just been studying God's Word and listening to the beautiful music! It has really placed me in a peaceful mood....that doesn't happen to me often. God bless you all and thanks for being here!
Hector Gonzalez Escamilla MD  Monterrey, México Saturday January 14th - 8:49 AM MST

I work with my Patients with this station´s music and it has been a blessing for all the illed and wounded. Peace bringing and tranquility for them.

Glory to God, he moves in Praise
Anonymous Thursday January 12th - 10:57 PM MST

One of my best friends, Kristie, is going on a sports mission trip to Nairobi, Kenya May 13-27. She is a newer believer (March 2011) and...her faith is so true/real. Please pray for her to continue to feel God's encouragement and calling on her life, that He will give her the confidence and words to say to reach the people there (and in life in general--she wants God to use her constantly), and that the people will see God through her joyful, sincere heart. Her family is not very supportive of the trip and don't understand. Please pray for them and that God will use her to reach her family- especially her older brother Derek. Thank you!!!
colleen montgomery  indiana Tuesday January 10th - 12:45 PM MST

Please pray for my son, Dave, he has 3 brain tumors and is very sick. The drs. are going to start radiation & chemo. Please pray for God's merciful grace to be upon Dave and heal him fully so that he can go on serving the Lord, his family and bring praises to God before others.
Earl Lassen  Cambridge, Minnesota Tuesday January 3rd - 10:00 AM MST

It is terrible.....For years I have been able to tune your station for music as I work.....I no longer can do that with all of the will be terribly missed. Earl
Emily  USA Wednesday December 14th - 12:42 AM MST

About a year ago, my father was going through a difficult time with his health and could not find the doctor he needed. I prayed to God to send us the right doctor. After some many months, at our wits end, thinking we would have to resort to very drastic measures, somehow the right doctor stumbled upon us. I give thanks to God that he sent to my father exactly what he needed and for carrying us through those very trying months. We may not have everything we want, but we always get what we need when we need it. Never lose HOPE. God is good. <3
rob mitchell  st augustine fl Tuesday December 6th - 5:24 AM MST

Praise God, Thank you Lord God for healing me ,accepting me ,with all this junk,trash,sin that comes with me---thank you for the steading of my mind,and spirit---Praise Go9d
Anonymous Friday December 2nd - 11:14 AM MST


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