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"Give thanks to the Lord and proclaim His greatness. Let the whole world know what He has done."
Psalm 105:1


Joshua  Birmingham, Uk Saturday June 9th - 5:37 PM MDT

I pray for Karen, Lord I ask that you turn up for her. She wants her daughter saved. You Lord have said in your word, 'you;ll not turn away those that seek you. Karen here is seeking you to help her for there is no other way in which her daughter can be saved. The bible says JESUS came to SEEK and SAVE the lost. So, I ask you God in the name of Jesus that all your precious children who are asking for your intervention, that you turn up for them. Lord you promised us that we shall see your goodness in the land of living, so please God, Help us , and that's all in the MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS,

Karen  CA Thursday May 3rd - 5:24 PM MDT

That the demons hassling and keeping my daughter captive from the Lord would be pukled away from her in the name of Jesus Christ! I pray for the salvation of Lindsay and Dax. I pray there would be Christians at their new job location.
Anonymous Tuesday April 24th - 4:43 AM MDT

Thank you again for all who pray. I had requested prayer for excessive mentstral bleeding and things have gone back to some normality and the sickness that came with it has gone. Never stop praying for us who call in. You are so needed.
Kathy  Europe Sunday April 22nd - 2:49 AM MDT

I want to exalt the name of Jesus! He is so, so worthy. Not just when we get answered prayers, or when He "blesses us" unexpectedly. He is worthy to be praised for His beautiful character--perfect, holy, true, faithful, kind, just, gracious...we would run out of time and space to consider all of Who He is! Let us just look to Him, and admire Him, and love Him, and praise Him..looking into His glorious face, and not just His giving hand! HE is our great All in all. When we have Him, we have everything. I've heard it said, that the Queen of Sheba took many gifts from Soloman back to her own country with her..but if she had been able to get Solomon himself..she would have been partaker in ALL that he had, instead of just a few camel loads!! In the same way, if we lay hold of beautiful Jesus, and He is truly ours, then all that He is and all that He has comes along with Him! Yet, we must always, always remember that He, Himself is forever the best portion! I love you, Jesus, and praise your Holy name, and thank you for Who you are!!
Anonymous Thursday April 12th - 12:03 AM MDT

Iam requesting prayers for my husband who hasn't been working a steady job for the last six years. He is discouraged and sometimes down without knowing what to do. Please pray that God will grant him a clear mind and lead him to an open door. thanks
Wuthie Sunday April 8th - 10:19 PM MDT

I've been in a domestic violence relationship and thank God! I am now free! Now it's time to move on! I just hope and pray that the right man comes along with a very good family values and someone who is God fearing and live to the Christian faith. I am not in a hurry...but it seems very empty and isolating not to have someone love you in return...I keep my faith that one day i will find my true love and to have someone praise You in your name..AMEN
Anonymous  michigan Sunday April 8th - 7:36 AM MDT

I have a wayward son who left 5 yrs ago. Tho it seems like yesterday. Weve been hurting, we miss him terribly. Im concerned of his spiritual life, please pray God can reach his heart not just to us , but that he will seek Gods truth. Thank you for this ministry, it gives me peace during dark nights.
Anonymous Monday February 27th - 5:13 AM MST

Several moths ago I was having nausea and asked for healing and prayer...Everything healed up naturally with time and no damage was done to stomache lining..thank you to all who prayed for me. you are a blessing. Please keep praying for those requests coming in. When we send...we believe God will answer.
Serge  Parma, OH Wednesday February 22nd - 8:09 AM MST

Thanks so much for your ministry. My family and I were listening to your radio through i tunes on our laptop for last month and today i just downloaded Winamp app to my android phone, Yep!!! Its grate to have this beautiful tunes all the time! Thanks again and keep up a good work
Diane Wednesday February 22nd - 12:05 AM MST

Praise to God for letting me find this station the night before a nursing test when I can't sleep. It was very encouraging to see the comment below about the person passing their nursing test. God Bless you future nurse who wrote that!

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