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"Give thanks to the Lord and proclaim His greatness. Let the whole world know what He has done."
Psalm 105:1


JB  Michigan Thursday February 21st - 8:52 AM MST

Wonderful Grace of Jesus, reaching the most defiled.
Anonymous Sunday February 10th - 1:43 AM MST

Please help us thank The Lord for what he has done for us, and we still believe him for more.
Anonymous Friday January 25th - 6:56 AM MST

A while back I requested prayer for Randy who had been released from prison but needed a job. Thank the Lord he has found a job now we pray that it will work out well and he will be able to keep this job. I appreciate everyone who prayed for Randy. He still needs prayer for family situations, and I know God will help there too!
Steve  Washington State Friday November 16th - 6:41 PM MST

David in Maine,

I am 45 years old and have only this year begun to walk in the freedon from Sexual addiction that Christ purchased for us on the cross. Our old man died on the cross with Jesus, but we still live in fleshly bodies and have to combat our flesh each day. Luke 9:23 tells us to take up our cross DAILY. The cross signifies DEATH. Death to our sinful, fleshly nature. We have to ask ourselves I love God and desire to obey His commands or do I love the desires of my flesh more. There is a book called "the Adversary" by Mark I. Bubek that you can find on Amazon that will be of great help to you in finding what the Word of God has to say about your flesh, the world and the enemy. It has helped me more than any book I have ever read with the exception of God's Holy Word. Do not hate yourself for your weaknesses. Hate the sin...but do not hate yourself...that is what the enemy wants you to feel about yourself. My email is You can contact me if you need someone to talk to and I would very much like to hear from you as God sets you free from these addictions...which He will if you submit yourself fully to His Holy Spirit. May God richly bless you as you give yourself fully to Him.

Your brother in Christ,
David  Maine Monday November 12th - 4:53 AM MST

Dear Lord,

Please let me choose the right path. I am addicted to sexual things. I hate myself for doing so. Please help me break this addiction and to become your servant.
rose Wednesday September 12th - 8:37 AM MDT

My savior in heaven has stayed by my side in my trials and saddest days in my life. I send praises for everyone who cares for me and my lord who is so loving for a sinner like me. I am alive today due to his guidance and wisdom.
Kathy Saturday July 21st - 3:45 AM MDT

Praise God from Whom ALL Blessings flow! Praise the Lord, our God REIGNS, rules, and over-rules in every situation! God knows His own in the world, and in Him, they are safe and have a sure Refuge! HalleluJAH! There is none like our God!
Anonymous Tuesday July 17th - 10:23 PM MDT

The other day I requested prayer for a friend of mine who has been missing for weeks. Thank you so much for your prayers. I am happy to say that my friend has been found, and he is safe and sound.
kimberly  usa Saturday July 14th - 8:58 AM MDT

I just want to praise God for being so patient with me. Loving me even though right now i'm not loving myself. I thank the Holy Spirit that even though i'm feeling low, my God will deliver me. Because i know He loves me
Lateshia Sunday July 1st - 4:32 PM MDT


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