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"Give thanks to the Lord and proclaim His greatness. Let the whole world know what He has done."
Psalm 105:1


Dominic Saturday December 7th - 7:16 PM MST

My wife and I were divorced last year. It was the worst mistake of our lives. I was also in the midst of a very immoral, unhealthy relationship with an unbeliever. I prayed to God to get me out of the relationship. It was tough but he answered my prayer and provided a very quick way out. My ex-wife and I have reconnected, knowing that we always belonged together. We want to get married again and are now in counseling. God is so good and we attend church together with our 6 yr old. He loves that we are together and we're working day by day to heal with God's love.
Joseph Wednesday November 27th - 11:59 AM MST

I would like to thank all my brothers and sisters for your prayers.

After many years my brother and I have reconcilled.
Brian Tuesday November 19th - 3:24 AM MST

I'm currently Unemployed and going back to school Full-Time. I have a Board Exam on Wed; Which could lead to a new Career and Benifits. I hope and Pray that I Pass this Exam. Lord knows that I have put alot of time and effort into my studies. Thank You and God Bless!!!
Chichi Friday September 13th - 3:54 AM MDT

I would like to thank God for showing me that He cares even for the smallest issues in my life. Yesterday i lost my keys. I retraced my steps and looked in every possible place.The laundry truck came to collect laundry and i was convinced my key had gone along. In the afternoon i received an sms from a classmate telling me that she found my keys in her bag.Praise God!!
Anonymous Thursday August 8th - 8:33 AM MDT

I wanted to give praise to God as He provided me with a car of my dreams(toyota runx). I thanks God and I will always love Him
Kay Saturday August 3rd - 2:59 AM MDT

This is for "K", a second generation Christian. The first thing that struck me is the term, "Second Generation". It is said that God has no grand-children, only children. Christianity cannot be passed down. We must repent (turn and utterly forsake sin, with sorrow in our hearts for sinning against our holy God and Maker), and turn to Christ, and believe on Him as the Lamb of God Who takes away sin, your own, personal sin. By faith, lay your hand on the head of God's lamb, and trust that He bore your sins. A personal walk, a heart walk with the Lord is essential for all who long to be saved and made ready for heaven.
shay  newyork Tuesday May 21st - 12:17 PM MDT

I have some exam I am going to take next month june* I really need to past it are I will m not graduate, pray for me that I can study keep focus, ask him to give me knowlege skills and undertanding and also my family having finacial problems ask pray that he'll bless us.. thank you so much god bless you
Irene Wednesday May 8th - 4:33 AM MDT

After two and a half years my husband has gotten a job!!! Praise The Lord and thank Him for His love and provision and praying for us!
Christine Thursday April 25th - 7:13 AM MDT

I appreciate WOTR (Hymns) so much. Gentle music all the time -- free of all interruptions. How heavenly!
K Friday April 5th - 12:26 PM MDT

Well I am a second generation Christion who thought she had a good relationship with God, but know I know that I dont. I need help I dont know what to do. Could someone help guid me?

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