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"Give thanks to the Lord and proclaim His greatness. Let the whole world know what He has done."
Psalm 105:1


Najum Tasneem  Lahore-Pakistan-True Christian. Tuesday May 29th - 10:34 AM MDT

God may cobtinue in blessing Word truth radio and its organizors,same I pray for America and its citizens.
From Pakistan Abrother in His blood and body.
Najum Tasneem.
steve mckenzie  thunder bay Monday May 21st - 11:10 AM MDT

people who use words like shallowness about other peoples music should consider the dividing walls that they are building. It reminds me of the generation before me, who say only gospel or hymns are real christian music. Whatever style of christian music that helps you to open your heart to the lord and worship him is fine with me.There I go , dividing walls, .. it must be contagious!!!! P.S I love accoustic,music.
Bonnie  South Carolina Friday May 11th - 6:19 AM MDT

I priase the Lord for Word of Truth radio.
Darren  KY Thursday May 10th - 3:32 PM MDT

Our baby had a shot from the doc and she is eating well and drinking. He thinks it si some kind of infection. He thinks she should be better by the morning and he wants to see her in the morning. Praise God
Jon Thursday May 10th - 4:26 AM MDT

I wish to thank God for his plan and purpose for all of us. I had ask for prayer from everyone here at Word of Truth and individual family members to seek God's will for my wife and I in our career changes. On Wednesday I received a teaching job offer which my wife and I are pleased with. Although she wishes to teach, her part-time boss offer her full time. May we continuously seek God's guidance and protect everyday. I hope this good news will allow my wife and I to continue healing some wounds afflicted during our struggles.

Tahnk you God you are the my light and salvation, whom shall I fear?
Sarah S  Charleston, WV Monday May 7th - 8:53 AM MDT

Wow! I love the acoustic music! I'm usually a rock fan (Third Day, Thousand Foot Krutch, Anberlin, etc) but your mix is just great. Just what The Doctor ordered today (The Lord, that is). Blessings on your ministry - internet Christian radio is THE BOMB! ps - Do you play Sara Groves? If not, I'm requesting her! In His Service - sls
Sally Kraus  USA Sunday April 29th - 10:23 PM MDT

Cool site.
Rosemarie  Jamaica Saturday April 28th - 12:45 PM MDT

Hallelujah!!! i want to thank God for this site. He blessed me with this site at a time when i thought i was too deep in sin and did not deserve God anymore and no mercy was left for me and then i heard a sermon on this site that turned my life around. Thank u Jesus! this site will always be in my fervent prayers.
Timothy  In Christ Monday April 23rd - 9:40 AM MDT

Lord I want praise Your Holy Name for raising me up from the cold hard pavement and giving me back the breath of Life, that I might fullfill the mission for wich You call me. Bless all Your children I pray and open the eyes of those who are not yet able to see Your Marvelous Light. So that they will be able to experience Your wonderful Love and Protection. Praise be to Your Holy Name Lord Jesus.
Rachael  Sydney Friday April 20th - 4:20 AM MDT

Dear Father
i just want to come into ur presence & thank u4carrying me on tuesday nite when my precious pt crashed on the operating table. Lord, i know it was u directing my actions & calming my heart. Lord, everyday is a gift &iwant2thank u 4 teaching & challenging me. Lord, may my hands & feet belong2u n may only ur name be glorified in whatever this new day may bring. What a challenging wk. Thank u 4 the SABBATH. Glory to you, King of Kings and may u b Lord of my heart forever. Luv ur child.

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