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"Give thanks to the Lord and proclaim His greatness. Let the whole world know what He has done."
Psalm 105:1


Rachel-Hannah M. Abrahams  England UK Sunday May 4th - 4:42 PM MDT

Thank you Jesus, for never leaving me,even when I feeel so alone. Thank you for you Grace, your forgiveness, and patience with me. Thank you for all the saints around the world with whom I can communicate with. thank you for loving me, when I feel so unlovable. There are a lot of things I do not understand now in my life, but Praise God, I will be able to talk to you face to face throughout eternity and undertstand then, why?
Anonymous Friday April 25th - 9:16 PM MDT

I am so blessed to have a new computer and a way to listen to your wonderful station again. Praise our Heavenly Father for all He has done for us!!
D. YALCOUYE  Mali Friday April 25th - 12:45 PM MDT

How I'm blessed by this broadcast!!!
I Just want to say: Thank You LORD Jesus Christ!!!!
ragu!  chennai Tuesday April 22nd - 11:45 PM MDT

I cant tell you how many compliments i have received at work for the wonderful music in Praise Radio. GOD BLESS YOU FOR HAVING IT!!!
vasu  coimbatore Tuesday April 22nd - 6:21 AM MDT

I praise God that He gave me the wisdom to fix the praise list! Sorry it took awhile111
Rosemarie  Jamaica Saturday April 19th - 8:01 AM MDT

Praise be to God for he is good.i was having my devotion a while ago and listening to this station. i was singing he hideth my soul to close my devotion and soon after i was finished it began playing. Amazing!!!
Mariah  South Korea Friday April 11th - 4:06 AM MDT

Thank you for your prayers on behalf of my husband Earl. God has blessed him with a suitable job after many months of hunting.Praise be to God for His wonderful love and deliverance.
Anonymous Tuesday March 11th - 11:25 AM MDT

For my 52 yr. old son who is currently in jail .. HE was living on the street due to drug and alcohol abuse..
colleen Monday March 10th - 7:08 PM MDT

Please pray for my daughter that has been in alot of pain. She turn to alcohol to dull the pain. She has returned to church and recommitted her life to the Lord. Currently she is not drinking. Please pray for her to stay away from alcohol. Pray for God to give her and her husband a new heart that loves him above everything. Pray that their love for God will be so great that they will grow more in love with him and each other everyday. Our God is a great God that loves to give good things to his children. He answers above what we could expect or imagine. Eph 3:20 Thank you for praying
Nisha  Minneapolis Thursday March 6th - 2:32 AM MST

Thank you so much my dear Lord Jesus Christ for answering my prayers and blessing me with a job I do not deserve after a very long wait. I praise you from the bottom of my heart and don't have enough words to thank you for this gift and for your loving provision even if it's just a temporary job. Thank you my Best Friend for always being my loyal, loving, faithful, prayer-answering God who always proves that what man finds impossible is easily possible for You!!! Thank you also Master for introducing me to WOTR and for it's beautiful music that touches my heart deeply.

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