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"Give thanks to the Lord and proclaim His greatness. Let the whole world know what He has done."
Psalm 105:1


Anonymous  Australia Wednesday September 17th - 1:42 AM MDT

"Cast all your cares upon Him, for He cares for you!" Our God really does have a solution to every problem. Today I had two urgent tasks to do; but it seemed the time I had available would only allow one task to be completed. I cast this care on Him, left it there, and focussed on the first task. How do You do this Lord?! There was enough time left to *just* get task 2 done also. Blessed be the name of the Lord.
Anonymous Monday September 15th - 4:30 PM MDT

I want to thank God, for all he is doing for me and my family, I needed one thousand three hundred dollars for my oil to be paid up from this past winter. Well the Lord has blessed me, know I only need seven hundred and sixty seven dollars toward my payment plan please keep me in your prayers that before it starts getting cold my balance will be paid in full.thanks to all who has prayed for me. in the name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Kristin  USA Friday September 12th - 12:47 PM MDT

prayer for getting baby on a good schedule
prayer for freedom from debt
prayer for Mike to have a good day at work
Anonymous  Australia Monday September 8th - 6:46 PM MDT

Lord, I thank you for your patience & persistance! I couldn't understand why I was accomplishing less, sleeping increasingly more, & feeling lost. You sent a friend to ask if I was following the advice You gave me 2 years ago: seek Your kingdom first, look after my health second, & THEN do my university studies. I had forgotten again! Since adjusting my priorities, I've achieved more & had far more energy & joy. I praise You that You do not give up on Your easily distracted children! I praise You for faithful friends. Teach me trustworthiness, Lord! Make my life a song of praise to You. Amen.
Anonymous Wednesday August 27th - 2:22 PM MDT

God you are God of the imposible. I tried to pass a teacher and decisive test for my teaching career, and I didn't pass, and I don't know why. Please my dear Jesus, help me to understand it. I don't have job for it, and I have a son, who depends of me. English is my second language and it is really a challenge for me. Please help me to survive in this hostile country.
Kay Saturday August 23rd - 9:32 AM MDT

I just want to praise the Lord at this time for my life and for his ultimate goodness towards me. Heavenly Father, I believe that there is nothing that you can't do but sometimes it is the waiting process, sometimes it is being in the wilderness, in our darkest hour that seems to fill us with doubt about your power and your deliverance so father today i pray that you come to the rescue of my two friends. One is going through marital problems and the other is unemployed and also going through relationship problems. Father come intimately close to them today and speak to their heart so that they would find you and lay all their burdens at Jesus' feet in the name of my saviour JESUS CHRIST...Amen.
melissa  cincinnati Monday August 11th - 11:51 AM MDT

I am so thankful that the Lord led me to your station. I love the praise and classical hymns. I listen at work on the computer and it is so comforting and wonderfully done. I pray the Lord blesses your station and it remains on the radio until He calls us home and thereafter.
God bless
Katrin  Germany Wednesday August 6th - 9:15 AM MDT

I thank God and praise Him to have found your Radiostaion. May He bless you all for your work. Greetings from Germany/Europe
Judy  USA Friday July 11th - 10:34 PM MDT

This station is such a blessing. So relaxing and uplifting!
Cecelia  N.Nevada Saturday July 5th - 6:25 PM MDT

I want to thank and praise the Lord for keeping us safe as we traveled several hundred miles this past week. There are ALOT of INSANE drivers on the highway.

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