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"Give thanks to the Lord and proclaim His greatness. Let the whole world know what He has done."
Psalm 105:1


rpez  california Tuesday December 23rd - 6:02 AM MST

never lose hope. God is a wonderful and powerful Father in Heaven.Sure, sometimes is seems as though the adversary is in control, but fear not, for Our Loving Father in Heaven is in TOTAL CONTROL.He only asks that we trust in His wonderful love. This past year seemed as though the trials that were in my life would never end, but thru faith and tearful prayer to Our Loving Father, i am more blessed than ever before for i know with a full heart that my prayers have been heard. Fear not, is our Saviours command. Remember, be careful for what we pray for. Our Heavenly Father hears our prayers!
mm stansell  SC Monday December 8th - 12:13 PM MST

I am just now sending a donation to the wonderful WOTR and enclosing a note (via snailmail) telling Jeff and Anne that, though the economy is so bad, we are still compelled to send a donation to our all-time most favorite internet radio station b/c we have found the music to be indispensible in providing a soothing atmosphere in our home when there is such chaos, confusion and uncertainty in the world.

We LOVE WOTR and will support it as long as these 60ish olders are able!

Thank you Jeff and Anne for the God-honoring music of your station. Merry Christmas!
the Stansells
Anonymous Sunday December 7th - 12:20 AM MST

I just want to Praise Hevenly Father and Jesus, for the many blessings he puts on the internet, maybe this is one way the Gospel will get Preached to the World, thank you Father for Blessing the Staff at this radio station and Families I say these words in Jesus Name Amen
Todd  Northern California Wednesday November 26th - 3:03 PM MST

I want to thank you for your ministry. It has profoundly affected my life and given me a life-line to Christ when I began wandering away. In particular, your site introducted me to messages from Jim Hohnberger that changed the way I look at the goals in my life. Thanks.
Anonymous  Hawaii Sunday November 23rd - 2:34 PM MST

Thank you soooo much for your ministry and your testimony. May many souls be found in the Kingdom because of your service for God. Thank you again!!!
Anonymous  Philippines Monday October 27th - 11:40 PM MDT

I just want to praise God for the great salvation He has given me and my family, for His goodness, mercy and grace. Thank you also for the wonderful non-stop soul stirring comforting music you bring through the Word of Truth Radio. God bless you and continue on! Your labor in the Lord is not in vain.
Steve  Grand Rapids Monday October 27th - 7:28 PM MDT

My son Austin and I have endured some distance. Now God has knit our hearts back together with more trust and love than before. We will be going skydiving soon to do that father/son thing and to enjoy the relationship. Please ask God for Austin and I to grow closer on this trip and for provision and fun and bonding. I want to set the stage to help my son into his call and destiny and I'm humbled that I may yet speak into his heart for this purpose.
his child  canada Wednesday October 22nd - 9:06 PM MDT

I have been ill for many years and slowly God is healing me. I have lost many relationships,my job, etc. I just want to praise God for his faithfulness. I have food to eat, clothing, a place to live, a bed to sleep in. The best thing i have is Jesus living in me and his word is my gold in this world. I am so blessed to be his child and to know he loves me and his plan for me is good.
catherine  ontario, canada Tuesday October 14th - 10:59 PM MDT

i have been listening to your station for a week and i am being so blessed. i have been introduced to artist's that i have never heard of and i love how this is straight music with no interruptions. wow.......... thank you for being obedient and having this wonderful radio station. bless the Lord and blessings to all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
catherine  canada Tuesday October 7th - 3:48 PM MDT

i found this station today and it was exactly what i was looking for.............thank you Jesus.

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