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"Give thanks to the Lord and proclaim His greatness. Let the whole world know what He has done."
Psalm 105:1


John Sunday February 1st - 8:13 AM MST

I have been clean from addiction for 3 months now...PRAISE the LORD! I finally turned it all over to HIM. I now live each day for His will, not my own. I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me, Philipians 4:13. GOD IS GOOD!
Mariah  South Korea Friday January 16th - 4:48 PM MST

This is for Melody who posted her comment on the 15th.
We're all seekers Melody and we start from different places in life. The Holy Spirit is there to guide all of us if we are willing. I'm so thrilled to hear that you are responding to that calling. May God bless and keep you. May He open your mind to all that He has for you!. If you're not sure about where to go to church you may want to check out There are wonderful sermons there and you can click on the Central Study Hour and feel that you are in the church. I'm in South Korea and this is my English service for the week - blessing and inspiration and Bible facts all rolled into one.
All the best for the coming week in your walk with the Lord
melody Thursday January 15th - 2:56 PM MST

Thank you Bill, for your response. I keep praying but, still hear nothing.I walk in PEACE but, still feel my husband is tired of hearing about my confusion. So I've decided to stick to the catholic church and threw away the rosary and not pray for my parents who are deceased too or to the saints! I continue to read the bible,read a daily devotion and give praise and thanks to the Lord in my Christian music I taped.
Any input is surely appreciated and still wonder if I'm wrong in going to a church that I don't believe in half their teachings.
But, miss the worship. Is it wrong for communion if I strictly look at it as a rememberance and not the Lord being in the Eucarist?
Bob Simenson  Prairie Farm, WI Thursday January 15th - 12:10 AM MST

Wow! Good testimony and good words for anyone seeking truth.
Bill  Sarasota, Fl. Saturday January 10th - 2:49 PM MST

Hi Melody!Yes God is so good isn't He? After reading your comments I felt moved to respond.Know that the Holy Spirit is leading you to search out the truth about our God through His Word and the guidance of His Holy Spirit.The fact that you're having misgivings about your catholic teachings is a normal and natural progression on the path to finding Him.I know because I was raised catholic too.
I went to all the CCD classes,was an altar boy for 5 years,played on the church league basketball team for 5 years,did the whole catholic thing (my dad was catholic so all the kids had to be).When I went away to college I became part of the largest sect on earth - the non practicing catholic club.
When my wife lost her mother to cancer she began searching the Scriptures because she absolutely had to know where her mother went (we learned that she sleeps in the grave until Jesus comes again to take us all home;hell & purgatory are inventions of the Vatican).That search led her down a blessed path and I had two choices - follow her or loose her.I loved her way too much to loose her and ended up finding our blessed Saviour Jesus for the first time in my life!All the gaps and holes and unanswered questions left by the Vatican were filled in and I was furious for having been lied to all those years!
The joy of finally experiencing His love in my life is overwhelming.Judy and I will pray that the Holy Spirit continues to guide you in your blessed journey.Just know that you are on the right path and the truth lies in the Scriptures and your obedience to them and not in some church publication. Yours in Christ,Bill & Judy
Melody  wi. Thursday January 8th - 1:22 PM MST

God is so good. But, I'm starting to question my catholic teachings. The more I try to seek the truth, the more confused I'm getting. My husband wouldn't think of changing religions. I pray for guidance and not getting any answers from the Lord. Please pray the Holy Spirit guides me in the right direction. I read the bible; but, I'm not in harmony with the church now. Please pray for my husband & I.
rpez  california Tuesday December 23rd - 6:02 AM MST

never lose hope. God is a wonderful and powerful Father in Heaven.Sure, sometimes is seems as though the adversary is in control, but fear not, for Our Loving Father in Heaven is in TOTAL CONTROL.He only asks that we trust in His wonderful love. This past year seemed as though the trials that were in my life would never end, but thru faith and tearful prayer to Our Loving Father, i am more blessed than ever before for i know with a full heart that my prayers have been heard. Fear not, is our Saviours command. Remember, be careful for what we pray for. Our Heavenly Father hears our prayers!
mm stansell  SC Monday December 8th - 12:13 PM MST

I am just now sending a donation to the wonderful WOTR and enclosing a note (via snailmail) telling Jeff and Anne that, though the economy is so bad, we are still compelled to send a donation to our all-time most favorite internet radio station b/c we have found the music to be indispensible in providing a soothing atmosphere in our home when there is such chaos, confusion and uncertainty in the world.

We LOVE WOTR and will support it as long as these 60ish olders are able!

Thank you Jeff and Anne for the God-honoring music of your station. Merry Christmas!
the Stansells
Anonymous Sunday December 7th - 12:20 AM MST

I just want to Praise Hevenly Father and Jesus, for the many blessings he puts on the internet, maybe this is one way the Gospel will get Preached to the World, thank you Father for Blessing the Staff at this radio station and Families I say these words in Jesus Name Amen
Todd  Northern California Wednesday November 26th - 3:03 PM MST

I want to thank you for your ministry. It has profoundly affected my life and given me a life-line to Christ when I began wandering away. In particular, your site introducted me to messages from Jim Hohnberger that changed the way I look at the goals in my life. Thanks.

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