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"Give thanks to the Lord and proclaim His greatness. Let the whole world know what He has done."
Psalm 105:1


joseph aarron boone  United States of America Thursday January 7th - 7:50 AM MST

I praise the LORD and thank God daily for the truths that He has opened my eyes to and granted me revelation on in the past few weeks. Praise Your Holy name Jesus.
paul  haiti Wednesday January 6th - 11:01 PM MST

God say here so love the would that here give his own son any thing that you do god see god is good all the time here love us we give him praise all the time I get to so much proble here never give up on me romans 10:4 for christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one that not essay to be a christain proble is coming for some people don't no who is god here send his son to dead for are sin god bless you
Audrey Monday December 28th - 8:31 PM MST

Thank You Lord God, thank You Jesus for hearing and answering my prayers and coming to my aid yesterday. Also, thank You for letting me be able to access my mail without any problem which prevented me from doing so.
Judith Sunday December 27th - 3:34 PM MST

Hi Carly Law,

Sounds like you need to read "The Believer's Guide to Spiritual Warfare" by Tom White. In fact, we could all use some advice about how to put on God's armour everyday. You are in our prayers, too.
Audrey Friday December 25th - 7:49 AM MST

Dear God, dear Jesus, der Mother Mary, thank You for letting things be set right even when it seemed to be going horribly wrong. Thank You for coming to the rescue!! ;-D Also, thank You God, thank You Jesus for hearing my prayers and letting it be successful.
God'z Princesa  Guadeloupe Sunday December 6th - 9:10 AM MST

I love what you do!! Glory to God... If I could I would bless you with a donation but actualy I cannot!!
May God bless you for your work!!
Anonymous  Mesquite, TX Tuesday November 17th - 6:35 PM MST

Jesus I love You so much. I thank You for the way You love me so completely. Thank you for where You have brought me from and I can't wait to be with You forever and forever. Lord, thank you that You are drawing my relatives, friends and acquaintances to You by the power and love. I thank You that they will be wooed by You and receive You as their Lord, Savior, Master, Father, Friend, Comforter and soon coming King. Oh, Lord, I want to stay desperate, thirsty and hungry for You - I never want to think that I have arrived or that I know it all. Open my eyes to see, open my ears to hear, soften my heart to be sensitive to You. Help me to have childlike faith. Your Word is awesome and You speak to my heart.
I love You so much and all I want to do is to please You.

Your fearfully and wonderfully made daughter,
a fellow servant in Christ  USA Monday November 2nd - 6:08 AM MST

I am thankful and praise the Lord for being alive (Psalm 30:4). Things are many trials that I am facing as well as others in our world (Matt. 6:30-34), however, we have this hope that burns within our hearts, hope in the coming of the Lord (Hebrews 6:13-15, 10:35-37).
Remember 2Peter 3:9...
Are you thankful today? Then, PRAISE YE THE LORD.
Justin  Jacksonville Fl Friday October 23rd - 9:25 AM MDT

i praise the Lord for a job and that he let me win a CMA award. i also praise him for letting me win my boxing bout last night. PRAISE THE LORD
Anonymous Friday October 16th - 11:14 AM MDT

Father God, Creator of all good and perfection, lover of my soul and protector of my spirit. I give you all praise, all glory, all honor for who you are. I thank you for all you are and all you have been in my life. I pray as David did that you will create in me a clean heart and renew a RIGHT spirit within me. I love you Lord because you first loved me. I love you Lord because you are my strength and my comfort YOU ARE MY ALL IN ALL Amen and Hallelujah

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