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"Give thanks to the Lord and proclaim His greatness. Let the whole world know what He has done."
Psalm 105:1


Anonymous  Tulsa, OK Thursday February 11th - 7:59 AM MST

Thank you Father God and Jesus my Lord,
Thank you for your amazing mercy & love! Thank you for reaching down to me and healing my soul. Thank you that you give "beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning & the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness." You truly answered prayers for me that I prayed for my brother, months ago!! So amazing that you love us SO MUCH!!!!
Anonymous Wednesday February 10th - 5:35 AM MST

Dear God, dear Jesus, thank You for hearing and answering the intercessions of Saint Joseph for me to let me pass my module with a distinction and also for blessing me with best performance in it. =D
Anonymous Tuesday February 9th - 7:29 PM MST

Please pray for my mother, Frances. She a a severe pain in her side. Please pray for healing and for this pain to stop. Please pray that this is not cancer or a mass.
Audrey Wednesday February 3rd - 7:17 AM MST

Dearest Lord God, dearest Jesus, thank You so much for helping me out for so many times in many aspects of life. Thank You for hearing my prayers these past few days and letting things be alright between my friend and i, for clearing up the misunderstanding/misconception i had. Thank You also for hearing my prayers and letting her want to befriend me and to let her be friendly towards me as she seemed to be less friendly towards me since the first time we met though i do not know why. Also, thank You for hearing my prayers and letting me get a reply and approval, which resulted in a success in the end. :-D
Anonymous Monday February 1st - 6:40 PM MST

At a time when so many are focusing all there efforts in the mission field into the far lands, there is one who works for children with out famelies here in the USA. He is known as Whistling Wells and is driven to help the children out in the planes states.
He needs your prayers to help him succede in his work. KSNF TV in Kansas did a story on him as did a local news paper. He keeps almost none of the money he gets for any thing beond gass expenses, rather he sends it on to help our own children.
Anonymous Monday January 11th - 3:40 AM MST

Thank You Lord God and Jesus for hearing and answering my petitions through the intercession of Saint Joseph to let C want to be friends with me.
joseph aarron boone  United States of America Thursday January 7th - 7:50 AM MST

I praise the LORD and thank God daily for the truths that He has opened my eyes to and granted me revelation on in the past few weeks. Praise Your Holy name Jesus.
paul  haiti Wednesday January 6th - 11:01 PM MST

God say here so love the would that here give his own son any thing that you do god see god is good all the time here love us we give him praise all the time I get to so much proble here never give up on me romans 10:4 for christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one that not essay to be a christain proble is coming for some people don't no who is god here send his son to dead for are sin god bless you
Audrey Monday December 28th - 8:31 PM MST

Thank You Lord God, thank You Jesus for hearing and answering my prayers and coming to my aid yesterday. Also, thank You for letting me be able to access my mail without any problem which prevented me from doing so.
Judith Sunday December 27th - 3:34 PM MST

Hi Carly Law,

Sounds like you need to read "The Believer's Guide to Spiritual Warfare" by Tom White. In fact, we could all use some advice about how to put on God's armour everyday. You are in our prayers, too.

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