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"Give thanks to the Lord and proclaim His greatness. Let the whole world know what He has done."
Psalm 105:1


carol  brooksville Fl Monday April 5th - 6:10 PM MDT

I praise God for his loving care ! We serve an awesome God !
Scott Julien  St. Louis, MO Saturday March 27th - 6:06 PM MDT

I am thankful for this radio station. I thank you who run it and God who inspires you to do so.
Jovesa Gavidi  Fiji Islands Tuesday March 23rd - 9:20 PM MDT

I am so thankful to the Lord for having such sites to meditate on in times of worship and especially in our quiet times[morning]with the Lord and our family.God Bless you all for your effort.
Elmer  Cebu City, Philippines Wednesday March 17th - 12:49 AM MDT

I praise God to have found this website having this inspiring music through internet. Praying for your ministry and around the world for the upliftment of our souls through this music ministry.
Audrey Tuesday March 16th - 10:17 AM MDT

Dearest Lord God, dearest Lord Jesus, thank You so much for hearing my prayers and letting it come through! Also, thank You Lord God, thank You Lord Jesus for helping me out!!!! :DDD
Felecia  Albuquerque Saturday March 13th - 7:20 AM MST

Praise Yahweh for his salvation! Praise Him for His law of love! Wonderful to find brothers and sisters who acknowledge ALL 10 Commandments! I SO much enjoy the Relaxing instrumental music. I praise God for His work with the two young people who began this ministry. May He bless and keep you in the Way Everlasting! Shabbot Shalom - Happy Sabbath to all of my unmet as yet neighbors out there!
Michael  Waynesboro, PA Saturday March 6th - 2:26 PM MST

What a wonderful way to spend Sabbath afternoon, listening to this uplifting music. I found this website just this afternoon. Thank you!
caile Saturday March 6th - 3:44 AM MST

Lord i thank u for this station it has been a blessing in the life of my family.please continue to bless the owners workers and other listners amen
Anonymous Monday March 1st - 11:31 PM MST

Lord God, Lord Jesus Christ, thank You for hearing my prayers and letting my friend's grandmother, who has been hospitalized again, which i believe is due to the growth in her lungs, get better. I heard that her organs are not functioning that well too, but just now, i was told by her that she is getting better. :-D

Also, i want to thank You for hearing my prayers and having mercy and grace on me, and for the safe arrival of my package together with the notification that day. I was getting anxious and worried as to why it has not yet arrived, wondering if it could be lost, have something unfortunate happened to it or that i could have been cheated. However, as soon as i finished my prayers, i received my notification that it has just arrived! Thank You. :-)
Anonymous Wednesday February 24th - 7:03 AM MST

Dearest God, dearest Lord Jesus, thank You so much for letting things between Ca and i be alright and for letting me know that through her calling me. Thank You.

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