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"Give thanks to the Lord and proclaim His greatness. Let the whole world know what He has done."
Psalm 105:1


SOH  South Africa Thursday July 8th - 6:36 AM MDT

The Lord truely speaks, He answeres prayers. I am in awe, I am seperated recently, a single parent so I asked our Lord to be my spouse, to take care of me and guide me and protect me and my daughter. Now each time I ask for something he gives it to me and answeres all the questions I ask. I am amazed. Glory to God
Shashi Thursday July 8th - 5:27 AM MDT

Thank you Lord for the challenges you send us. You want us to get stronger, you send us to the gym and if we listen to your instructions we will become stronger.
AG Saturday June 5th - 5:40 AM MDT

Dearest Lord God and dearest Lord Jesus, thank You so much for hearing my prayers and saving me from landing myself into trouble. Thank You so much.
Maria Angela Madrid  Dallas Texas Thursday June 3rd - 11:24 AM MDT

God has provided for one month of air time for my ministry to be live on radio again. Thanks God
Michael Wednesday April 28th - 11:00 AM MDT

I am thankful to my Lord, for his patience, and forgiveness. I love seeing my brothers and sisters awaken from the ways of the Nicolaitans that followed the sorrows and greed of Nicodemus. My heart fills with joy, as I see them understand the words, and works of good. The son has given much, as have others. Whether he was the alpha, as Abraham, or the long-suffering son of man. May that lamb of absolution save many from sin. May he bloom as a dandy lion, with many good among him. Without others to help anoint him, his will would not be done, thus thanks be to them also. Thanks also be to the heavenly hosts, and those that seek good, and the way of God.
Anonymous Sunday April 25th - 8:43 AM MDT

Thank You Lord God, thank You Lord Jesus for hearing and answering my prayers to let the friendship between me and them be saved (R+L), as well as for letting me have chances and opportunities to make good our friendship. Thank You for letting them dismiss any rumors they heard (if they did) and still continue with our friendship or/and also still want to be friends with me despite my awkward attitude towards them, which i cannot really help it at times due to my social anxiety problem. Thank You for letting us be friends!
P.D.S  U.S.A. Saturday April 24th - 3:04 PM MDT

To God be the Glory, all the Praise Honor and Glory to Jesus... for through Him all things are possible.
All Things;His word tells us; seek ye first the Kingdom of God [Matthew 6:33] and that the Kingdom is within us [Luke 17:21] via soul salvation...
I have not seen in total fruition my prayer of financial deliverance; I have not seen in total fruition my freedom from financial bondage... yet I believe and trust my Lord my one true living God will deliver and has delivered ... soon I will see what I already know has been done.... in Jesus name Amen

So I praise Him now, in much thankfulness and humble appreciation for this act of mercy upon my life path... all Praise, Honor and Glory to the King of kings and Lord of lords.. .. Praise the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit... Praise the three in one Holy Trinity.... Praise Jesus ... To Almighty God be the Glory...Amen
sharad kumar  HYDERABD,INDIA Wednesday April 14th - 1:59 AM MDT


Am Sharad Kumar born in Hyderabad (INDIA). From the child hood i had lot many question in my mind that when I am going Die? And what after my death? And before my birth where I was? And when I was 24years old. Then one new question that who is genuine GOD? Like this I had 'n' number of questions in my mind.When I got fed up with the life. I ask a question with GOD? Where r U?r u a Christian?
r u a Muslim?
r u a Hindu and where are you?
Then this question was with me for more than 2 years! Later on GOD speak to me with my friend. Then slowly I have known that who is GOD.Then onwards I stop drinking
I stop watching bad moviesI stop browsing Ugly websites
Jehovah is the God and Jesus Christ is his son. And Jesus died on Cross for my sins. Then I believe Jesus Christ in year 1996. He is my God and Savior. I believe Jesus Christ and I love him so much. Later GOD has given me Good Job, Marriage, House, Vehicle and a beautiful Baby Girl (Shaniya Jessica) and so many things. Am so much happy that one day I will be with Jesus Christ.Thank God for everything he has done in my life.PRAISE THE LORD!
larry  powell tn. Thursday April 8th - 12:12 AM MDT

children pray to jesus and you pray to father son and the holy spirt they are one and if you are born agan you have the spirt of the lord jesus chirst in you and you are one with them love you all in christ larry ps great job w o t r raido i pray the lord jesus christ bless you
Katrina Wednesday April 7th - 11:46 PM MDT

God has been so lovingly patient with me. His faithfulness astounds me.

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