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"Give thanks to the Lord and proclaim His greatness. Let the whole world know what He has done."
Psalm 105:1


Rose  Delaware Wednesday November 10th - 6:48 AM MST

Praise God for carrying me through all of my trials.....without God I would not be here. I pray God continues to bless and protect my son Robert - I know He has a plan for my son - but my son needs to submit ALL of his life to God.
sunshine Wednesday October 20th - 8:59 AM MDT

i would like thank god for answering all my prayers and helping me get though a tough time in my life which i am still going though but i'm walk in my faith and stand tall ty jeus for helping me
Friend  Australia Saturday October 16th - 5:40 AM MDT

Thank God for my new church family who welcomed, with a reflection of Christ's love, my teenage son to their post service meal. God is good.
Anonymous  Texas Friday October 8th - 10:46 PM MDT

My father went into cardiac arrest two weeks ago. Through God's grace, the paramedics got his heart going again and the doctors performed bypass surgery a few days ago. His prognosis is good and we are grateful that we get to enjoy his company again.

I wanted you to know that I leave your station on every night in the hospital to help block out the hospital noises. My dad has been able to get much needed sleep and the nurses caring for him have commented on the peacefulness of his room.

God bless you and thank you for your testimony of God's grace. We serve a wonderful Savior!
sunshine Friday October 8th - 12:47 PM MDT

i would like to thank the lord our father for allowing me to see another day and for putting me on right path to his love and grace and for all my many blessings ty u lord
Anonymous Tuesday October 5th - 4:41 PM MDT

Praise be to God for healing my Mother's irregular heart rhythem.
Her heart was so bad that the blood that pumps from the top flowed through so fast that the bottom part of her heart couldn't open fast enough for the blood. She was so bad that she could have had a heart attack at any time.
Praise you Lord Jesus for what You've done not only for my Mother but for all the countless others that You've healed.
Anonymous Saturday September 25th - 5:14 AM MDT

Praise for my bosses change of heart and restoring my job to me! Thank you Lord.
Anonymous Friday September 24th - 9:14 PM MDT

Thanks for this wonderful station, it is a blessing in my life. The Lord continues inspiring all of you.
Anonymous  Australia Friday September 24th - 3:41 AM MDT

Music so beautiful that it makes my soul soar and weep and reminds me of my beautiful daughters and son who all love music but do not yet know their heavenly Father. Thank you WOTR and for the musicians who play with love for Him and all praise to God. Thank you to my friend who shared this website.
A friend Tuesday September 21st - 6:31 PM MDT

Praise God that His grace is sufficient and that His love is beyond our understanding. For none of us are righteous, not one. Praise God for the gift of the Lamb, the comfort of the Prodigal son and that He never rubs our sin in our faces, but when we repent He says "go out and sin no more" Praise Him that we can encourage each other with the remembrance of His grace, His mercy and His everlasting love, that He will not abandon us when we fall.

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