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"Give thanks to the Lord and proclaim His greatness. Let the whole world know what He has done."
Psalm 105:1


Anonymous Saturday January 8th - 9:46 AM MST

i am thankful for your radio station
A friend Friday January 7th - 2:06 AM MST

Thank you Father that "the Lord heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. He counts the number of the stars; He calls them all by name. Great is our Lord and mighty in power; His understanding is infinite. The Lord lifts up the humble..." Psalm 147, 3-6a. Thank you Father that you sent Jesus and that because of His sacrifice we can have the gift of the Holy Spirit to guide and comfort us and encourage each other on the way. In Jesus name Amen
grateful :) Thursday December 30th - 5:30 AM MST

Awhile back I shared a prayer request about our financial crisis. I asked for prayer that we'd be able to move to a more affordable apartment. God has answered our prayers. In a couple of months we'll be able to move to another apartment and the rent is over $800 less than what we are paying here. We'll be able to afford enough food, medicines, and other necessities. Thank you so much for your prayers.
Ron  Pennsylvania Sunday December 26th - 8:18 PM MST

Jeff and Anne,
I discovered your website earlier this year, after buying an iMac which has iTunes on it. I listen to your Relaxing Hymns Station while working at my computer -- what a blessing it is to me.
I just sent you a $200 donation, as a tangible thank-you.
May the Lord bless your internet radio ministry in future years.
Raghunath Venkatesh  IN Saturday December 25th - 10:12 AM MST

Praise The Lord! I listen to Word of Truth almost everyday. It's here I get my daily bread and nourishment to my soul.
Ben Kofe  Brisbane Sunday December 19th - 2:45 PM MST

thank you for such lovely praise songs, I enjoyed it very much. The acoustic guiter is so soothing to the soul. I have put this as my status on Facebook inviting my friends to WOTR.
Merry Christmas to all who come this way. God bless
Kathy  Finland Saturday December 18th - 8:05 AM MST

I want to glorify God My Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ! I can echo the words of John Newton: " once was lost, and now I am found; was blind, but now I see." I could write a book on all that the mighty grace of Christ Jesus has done for me..I was raised in a (false) "Christian" religion, thinking I was saved, trusting in all kinds of rituals, novenas, prayers, processions, and other traditions of men. On top of that, I was so blinded by self-righteousness. Because there was no regeneration by the Holy Spirit..I was a hypocrite. Doing religious things on Sunday, living according to my sinful flesh, the world and the devil the rest of the time. God,in His wisdom, mercy, love and grace sent very challenging situations my way, and thanks be to His name, He saw to it that the rod of my pride was broken, and I came face to face with my sins..I literally felt the power and pull of hell pulling me downward because of my sinfulness..I am sure my feet felt the very flames themselves! THEN, I cried for the Lord to save me..and He did. Totally. Sovereignly. Powerfully. Jesus IS mighty to save..and He saves the chiefest of sinners..for He saved me! Now I know Him not only as Savior, but Deliverer, Lord, Shepherd, Keeper, Friend, All in All. I want to thank Him and make His praise glorious, and share with everyone how great He is, and how willing to save us! I want to thank God the Father for sending Jesus, Emmanual, to be with us! Halleluia!
Rose Aris Monday December 13th - 6:30 PM MST

I first thank God and this station.I had posted my prayer request.cause i had legal problems,and i wanted to let you guys know that God had answer my prayer. i now have my green card and I am legal now and able to work and do things i couldn't do on my own before.thank God and may God continue to bless Word of truth Radio.
Christian  Bangkok Sunday December 12th - 5:55 PM MST

I thank God for keeping my wife safe in delivering our baby. I thank God the more for entrusting us this little one to be our joy and inspiration. Thank you God, the baby is healthy and strong
Ariel Freille  Frias - Santiago del Estero - Argentina Tuesday December 7th - 5:07 PM MST

Que el Se?or bendiga y prospere su bellisimo ministerio. Es maravilloso ver como siervos como ustedes estan dispuestos a llevar la verdad del evangelio hasta lo ?ltimo de la tierra.
Agradezco a Dios por permitirme encontrarlos, y me comprometo a interceder ante ?l, a fin de que este servicio que ustedes tan desinteresadamente ofrecen, permanezca en pie hasta su pronta venida...

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