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"Give thanks to the Lord and proclaim His greatness. Let the whole world know what He has done."
Psalm 105:1


Anonymous Saturday March 26th - 7:56 AM MDT

Thank You Jesus for the answered prayers. Thank You for helping things to clear up and get me on the right track again.
dtw Saturday March 26th - 4:49 AM MDT

thank for healing from psychosis
HH Friday March 25th - 6:49 PM MDT

Thanks to god i am being freed from mental illness. Thanks to God I was healed from vertigo and neurological problems, of confusion and depression. Thanks to God I am able to pay my bills. Thanks to god for hs salvation!
DJP  FL Wednesday February 16th - 7:43 AM MST

I helped lead my best friend to the Lord, God has answered my prayers to keep my parents relationship strong, he has allowed me to fully recover from knee surgery quickly, and has performed many other miracles in my life I am not yet aware. He is also allowing our church to expand quickly, has given us land and money to plant another church. Hallelujah!
BRay Tuesday February 15th - 11:29 AM MST

It's very hard for me to find good Christian music. I have a set station I listen to on the radio, but when I'm at work or when there's not a radio around, this really helps me. And to be honest, I have listened to my radio less because of this website. I stumbled across this website through a secular one and I am so glad! The music on this broadcasting helps get my mind back on the real focus. I am able to concentration on God and it eases the daily issues. Thank you for making it possible!
J.S Saturday February 5th - 1:05 AM MST

I feel that my patience has be running shorter. Please pray that I have more patience, and be mindful of my actions and behavior that are not christ-like.

I want to be christ-like and be an example to others around me.
Deb  Texas Friday February 4th - 2:55 PM MST

Praise God for the snow and His majesty that humbles us.
Audrey Tuesday January 25th - 10:21 AM MST

Dear God, dear Jesus, thank You for hearing and answering my prayers!!
M.R.  California Monday January 24th - 11:42 AM MST

My husband has made inappropriate "friendships" with women that have hurt me & damaged our marriage. He still works with one of these women - please pray that the Lord would detach that connection & distance them from each other. Also that the Lord would give Steve wisdom to maintain boundaries with other women and to be respectful to me, his wife. When he's home, I walk on "eggshells" around him because he has a horrible temper, he criticizes and belittles me, uses profanity constantly and yet refuses to go to counseling. Our marriage needs God's healing desperately. Steve needs to forsake the pleasures of this world and turn his life to Christ. Please help me pray - I'm so broken-hearted and would appreciate your prayers. Thank you.
Kimmy  USA Thursday January 20th - 2:35 PM MST

I've had trouble trying to fall asleep lately. One evening, I found an application: 5-0 Radio from Itunes & downloaded it to my Ipod touch. Under the bonus feeds option I found this station/site. I now listen to WOTR every night, I'm now able to fall asleep! Thank you for this website!

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