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"Give thanks to the Lord and proclaim His greatness. Let the whole world know what He has done."
Psalm 105:1


Anonymous Monday August 21st - 2:06 AM MDT

Thank you so much for your prayers for my fiancÚ. He has been approved to receive the disability he desperately needs.
Jerry Thursday July 6th - 8:49 AM MDT

Thank you for bringing God honoring Acoustic Worship to the internet. You are a blessing to Christ's people. May the Lord bless and provide for all your needs according to His riches in glory.
Bonnie  SC Wednesday June 21st - 1:24 PM MDT

It's been a long time, since listening. I'm so glad God brought your station back to mind! You are a blessing!!! Thank you!
Dave K. Saturday March 25th - 9:53 AM MDT

Have been listening to WOTR after a Google search landed me on your site. Every Friday evening I usher in the wonderful Sabbath day with your station's music. The all instrumental non commercial selections are just a pure delight. I work in a fast paced, stressful job and am surely ready for that weekly blessing of rest!! I will be supporting your efforts with both prayer and finances. God continue to bless this amazing couple as they minister to so many others - amen.
Pr Gabriel Wednesday March 1st - 10:16 AM MST

Please, pray for my military exame to be chapelain. I'm studing so much, but sometimes I feel that I cant be aproved... I believe that's spiritual.
Sandra Shumake Saunders  West Olive MI Thursday November 24th - 10:01 AM MST

Thankful today for, which is how I listen to talk radio during the day on my computer. As of last night, I found instrumental only Christmas music (not the junk music) from the hymnal! So, my computer was on all night! I fell asleep remembering the words to Christmas hymns without hearing those words! You can't imagine what this means to an ALZ mind that has daily struggles with things you would make you snicker - because they are easy for you. Well, I'm thanking God again for the choices on "WORD OF TRUTH" radio on my computer - what joy for my Thanksgiving Eve and forward! May God bless you with equal preciousness! Sandy P.S. If you love someone who has ALZ, make sure their environment has the precious name of Jesus in word and song all the time.ust a word of Thanksgiving Testimony:
Susie M Monday October 17th - 2:53 PM MDT

My friend seems to be okay now, but please pray for the salvation of his soul, that God would protect him until his day of salvation, and Christ would be glorified in him.
Susie M Monday September 19th - 2:28 PM MDT

Thank you for your prayers! I heard from him the next day and he was improving, and he seems to be up to speed now.
Kimberly  Spokane, WA Tuesday August 9th - 9:51 PM MDT

Praise the Lord for this music! We are in stressful times. All I have to do is play this wondrous music, it helps me to focus on the Lord. He is in Control. He is the Alpha and the Omega. Things in the world aren't falling apart. They're falling together! Just as he planned.
Theresa  Ireland Tuesday April 19th - 11:42 AM MDT

I thank the Lord for safe divert of a baby boy and girl.and for healing a haemorrhage from womb. I thank the Lord for helping me after death of my mother.

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