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"Don't worry about anything. Instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done." - Philippians 4:6

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Anonymous Friday March 31st - 11:47 AM MDT

Please pray for Dolly and all who are lonely or are shut ins! Thank you so much!
Anonymous Friday March 31st - 7:12 AM MDT

Help and pray you too for me in my the fight against false doctrine who not confess Jesus blood in salvation,but use own victims to save a lot place of Scandinavian,thanks for helping,bless,keijo sweden
Anonymous Thursday March 30th - 3:39 AM MDT

My fiancé has been battling very serious, life threatening health problems. His doctors have said that he unable to work, and yet he still doesn't have disability several years later, after he first applied for it.
Awhile back I asked your ministry to please pray for him. Thank you so much for your prayers. I'm happy to say that he finally got his hearing date scheduled in about 3 months from now.
Sad to say though that he is now facing the possibility of having his power cut off and being evicted from his home. I'm helping him out the best I can, but it's not enough to cover all of his bills.

Please pray that God will continue to help him with his health needs, and also with his financial needs too. Thanks so much.
tl Thursday March 23rd - 3:32 PM MDT

Praying for Gods protection and the Holy spirit to be upon my son Leland as he endures this time of difficulty surrounding a lengthy legal matter.  Praying for mental,  emotional, spiritual and physical strength and peace of mind for Leland as he trusts in the Lord and ask for forgiveness and Gods Favor to prevail on his behalf. Praying for God to surround Leland with positive Godly mentors to help and encourage him, and prayerfully for alternative positive resources to help him rebound and rebuild his young adult life.  Thanking God in advance for keeping Leland in his watchful care daily and for His divine intervention in All aspects of this matter and Leland's life.  Thanks to  All who are interceding on Leland's behalf.  God is Able!
Anonymous Tuesday March 21st - 8:49 PM MDT

Dear God Almighty, for Jesus Christ Holy Namesake:
You know who has cancer; needs to be saved; and, is scheduled to have additionally chemotherapy on 3/30/2017.
Great Physician: Please strengthen them in their extremely weakened condition, as their next appointment date approaches - if it be THY WILL.
They have been bedridden since 3/10/2017.
They are sick 24/7; and it seems, every time they try to take any nourishment, it is ejected from their stomach.
Thank YOU, GOD, in Christ Jesus Blessed Name. Amen.
Anonymous Tuesday March 21st - 8:14 PM MDT

Dear Sovereign Father God, in Jesus Christ Holy Name:YOU know why, and YOU know who, wants to be liberated, and relocated, immediately.
The company they currently work for has branches in the north and branches in the south.
Almighty God, if YOU wish to do so, only YOU have the Power and the Authority to miraculously expedite their transfer.
Earnestly, humbly, sincerely, and hopefully, praying for them, in Christ Jesus Blessed Name.
PLEASE HELP THEM, my Lord, my Redeemer, my God and my Saviour.
Thank YOU, All-Wise, Compassionate, Loving, Living and Forgiving God.
God, Your Mercies Are New Every Morning; and, God, Your Mercies Endureth Forever.
God, Great is THY Faithfulness. Amen.
tl Monday March 20th - 4:15 PM MDT

The devil is a liar! I pray that the anointing that destroys every yoke of bondage and that sets every captive free will manifest in my son Leland's life and his upcoming court matter on Thursday, March 30th. Let NO weapons formed against him prosper! I pray that the blood of Jesus, Gods protection and the Holy Spirit be upon Leland' and God will move in a mighty way on Lelands behalf and grant Favor to clear him and help him rebound and rebuild his young adult life after his "misstep" with alternative resources and mentors to help him get back on track in a positive way. Praying that Leland can remain of strong mind of Christ, and be mentally, physical, spiritually and emotionally strong during this difficult time and for Gods forgiveness, grace and mercy to be upon Leland. Claiming Victory in Jesus today, Amen! Thank you ALL for keeping Leland uplifted and encouraged in prayer. God Bless You All. "God is Able!
sanches  BRAZIL Saturday March 18th - 10:42 AM MDT

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