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"Don't worry about anything. Instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done." - Philippians 4:6

Anonymous Friday July 7th - 7:18 PM MDT

Dear Faithful and True, Heavenly Father God: and God's faithful army of prayer warrior saints:
We continue to covet:
YOUR/your FELLOWSHIP/fellowship in individual and corporate intercessory prayer.
Update - Rufus has a job interview this month: July 2017.
If YOU, Almighty God in Christ Jesus, hire Rufus:
This employment would certainly complement his academic schedule,
and, his travel time between school and work would be substantially shortened;
thereby, enabling Rufus to devote more time to his studies.
Rufus also, has another job offer; however, Rufus would have to rearrange his educational timetable, in order to comply
with the requirements; and, that is something which Rufus prefers not to do, if he doesn't have to.
Please pray, as we are, that our Triune, Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnibenevolent, Omnipresent, Omniexistent God,
for Jesus Christ Honor, Praise, Glory and Good Pleasure, Alone; shall be pleased to Advocate and Hire Rufus
during/after this very important interview.
THANK YOU GOD. Thank you, too, God's faithful army of prayer warrior saints.
Humbly and expectantly, in Christ Jesus Holy Name. Amen.
Anonymous Wednesday July 5th - 5:27 AM MDT

The delivery contractor for our wheatgrass delivers them all wrong and has for years, now they are coming back to me saying the process is wrong, but I have no control over it at all. Please pray with me that the contractors will deliver our wheatgrass to the right places at the right times and that I will be able to keep the account forever as I am totally innocent.

Also, that our shockingly extremely high labor costs will be brought into line please. thank you so much.
Anonymous Wednesday July 5th - 2:52 AM MDT

Today is my fiancé's disability hearing... The doctors have stated that his health problems are very serious, irreversible, and life threatening, and also that what he has will eventually paralyze and kill him if they can't stop the progression of his diseases. Please pray that the Lord will bless him with biblical peace, Divine favor with the judge, and that he will be approved to receive disability...Thank you so much for all of your prayers.
Tracy  uk Monday July 3rd - 4:25 PM MDT

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tl Monday July 3rd - 8:57 AM MDT

Praying for  healing, forgiveness, restoration and reconciliation of the broken relationship between my son Leland and his father Dearin. Praying for God to convict Dearin to go see his son and forgive him and to help him get his life back on track. Praying for healing and forgiveness amongst Lelands siblings from past hurts and for positive restoration and reconciliation  to bring peace love and joy back to our family. Praying for GOds Favor and intervention during this difficult time in Lelands life and for Godly resources and mentors to be made available so he can get his life back on track and he can live a life pleasing unto the Lord. Praying Leland will stay encouraged.
Anonymous Monday July 3rd - 3:09 AM MDT

Hello. Please continue to pray for my beloved fiancé. He ended up back at the hospital again. He fell and the ER said he bruised his ribs. However, his doctor said he may have broken his ribs. If the excruciating pain continues he wants him to go to the ER again. And he continues to struggle with other major health issues, such as asthma, COPD, heart problems, diabetes, neuropathies,etc etc. Because his conditions are so severe he's unable to return to work. One of his doctors told me that what he has is very serious, irreversible, and life threatening. He also said that if the autonomic neuropathy continues to progress it will eventually paralyze him and then kill him! Autonomic neuropathy causes his blood pressure to bottom out and his heart to skip beats and we were told that if that ever happens at the same time that could also kill him. His blood pressure bottoms out and his heart skips beats on a regular basis. It's life or death for him. So please continue to pray for his health.
Also, his disability hearing is coming up this Wednesday on July 5th. Medicaid has repeatedly told him that unless he gets disability he won't receive medical benefits from them, so he also has a growing mountain of bills that he is unable to pay. And he is unable to see the medical specialist he really needs to see. Please pray that he will be able to receive disability and the health care services that he desperately needs. Most importantly please pray that he will hold on to the Lord no matter what and be everything God wants him to be and do everything God wants him to do.

In addition, my car totally died on the way back from church about two weeks ago. I desperately need another car asap, not only to get to work, the grocery store, etc., but also to be able to take my fiancé to his disability hearing on Wednesday. And I'm also facing a major, financial crisis. Please pray that God will help me to get an affordable and reliable car quickly. And also to be able to pay all my bills.
Thank you so much for all of your prayers.
Brandi  Usa Saturday June 24th - 11:53 AM MDT

My family's physical well being has been under attack since last September , please pray for our deliverance and that the Lord shines His mercy and favor on us and stops the attacks. FATHER God forgive us! Please make us healthy and strong again and protect us, Lord hear our prayers! Heal, strengthen and protect my daughters, Ashley and Sarah, my husband Mitch, me (Brandi) and even our pets and extended family and loved ones. I rebuke the devil, I rebuke all illness, sickness and disease, trying to, or coming against us, be gone from us, shield us Father God quick! In the Mighty NAME of Jesus Christ, Amen Hallelujah!
Desperate Thursday June 22nd - 3:18 AM MDT

My car totally died on the way back from church the other day. I desperately need another car asap to get to work, the grocery store, etc. However, I'm also facing a major, financial crisis. Please pray that God will help me to get an affordable and reliable car quickly. And also to be able to pay all my bills. Thank you.
Anonymous Monday June 19th - 7:23 PM MDT

URGENT. I have a small business and advertise as a Christian Monastery on Craigslist. A lady who was hired showed up for her first day of work and was here for 3 hours before stomping off at supposed anger at another employee. After going over all my thoughts, and being under demonic attack tonight, I realize she was a witch and came to curse our business. Please pray that God will give me wisdom to know what to do and that he will protect all of us and our Christian based business. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH.
Anonymous Sunday June 18th - 3:46 PM MDT

Heavenly Father God: I hopefully and humbly come to YOU by FAITH in Jesus Christ Blessed Name. “Milton” was in a car accident Father's Day weekend. Please, intercede with me in intercessory prayer, for “Milton's” spiritual growth, and, for “Milton's” speedy recovery. I truly thank YOU Faithful God; and, I sincerely thank YOUR army of faithful prayer warrior saints, for this opportunity to fellowship with you all, on Milton's behalf, in intercessory prayer. In Christ Jesus Exalted Name. Amen.

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