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"Don't worry about anything. Instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done." - Philippians 4:6

Anonymous  NA Wednesday May 6th - 11:55 PM MDT

Dear God in Jesus Christ: Thank YOU very much for YOUR Faithfulness. Please continue to intercede with us in earnest prayer for my son and his long standing motor vehicle violations. He continues to need YOU 24/7 as his ADVOCATE. My son must hire a legal counselor - and may need an extension due to insufficient funds - before his court date on June 5, 2015. Thank YOU God. By faith I humbly pray in Jesus Christ Holy Name, Amen.
Anonymous Saturday April 25th - 6:15 AM MDT

Please pray with me for a young man who struggles with addiction and substance abuse. Our God is a God of miracles!
witney  Jamaica Sunday April 19th - 7:52 AM MDT

I am asking you to pray for me that my financial life be changed I am also before the court where I am charged for a very serious offence which I did not commit please pray for me that I may be victorious and my family live more loving thanks
Anonymous Friday April 17th - 8:44 PM MDT

My boyfriend was severely neglected and abused in his childhood. Then years later after he married, his wife hurt him by repeatedly cheating on him. (She did apologize before she passed away.)Then he had a girlfriend who also cheated on him. After that he recommitted his life to the Lord. However, he is still plagued by negative emotions - anger, hatred, and resentment. He told me he is filled with these feelings, and that is adversely affecting his relationship with God and me. Please pray that the Lord will have mercy on him and grant him total, emotional, mental and spiritual healing. Thank you.
Anonymous Friday April 17th - 9:35 AM MDT

Today I'm reaching out for a friend of mine and a Christian brother. We have always had a good friendship over the years. We would message throughout the day, like eachothers posts, share posts etc on Facebook. I know this friend from high school. He has lived in TX for a few years now. It seems like this week we arn't talking as much as we used to. I pray that he is ok and doing well. I pray that if I have done something wrong, he can forgive me. And I pray that we can continue to have a blessed friendship. Amen.
Anonymous Wednesday April 15th - 6:42 AM MDT

I am in danger of losing a client for reasons that are not my fault and beyond my control. This could have a significant negative financial impact. Pray that regardless of the outcome, I see the Lord's will for me in this. Thank you.
Anonymous Monday March 30th - 5:42 AM MDT

Please pray for me. My adult daughter, over the weekend said some cruel and unkind things to me, her mother. My heart is broken. Thank you.
Ron Friday March 20th - 4:07 PM MDT

My Mom, Dorothy J. Gibson passed into Heaven on March 5, 2015 at 9 pm at the age of 89. She was very meaningful in my life. I had made her one of my best friends and she went one month. I just ask that you pray for healing for those of us left in her family and financial prayer for me. I am in the computer business and I do not get very many hours and I ask that God would somehow help me to bring in more money and help me to continue being a good steward.

Thanks for all the prayer you can send my way.

Williams Family  NA Thursday March 19th - 8:35 PM MDT

Almighty Lord God in Jesus Christ: THOU art The Preserver of man and beast. As YOU have Seen with YOUR EYES and Heard with YOUR EARS: One of my sons' would like to do part time work at his current place of employment. He hopes to transfer to full time employment with another company (ASAP) which offers an increased salary, better benefits and first shift. My son completed the application in anticipation (by FAITH) of his second job today. As he awaits a call for an interview may YOU be pleased to grant my son THY FAVOR and HELP him, as I, by FAITH, pray and continue to HOPE in YOU, The God of my SALVATION; WHO ALONE as HE sits ENTHRONED, is WORTHY of ALL EXALTATION. Humbly in Jesus Christ Amen.
ron  ohio Tuesday March 17th - 8:54 PM MDT

please pray for me that jesus changes my life and saves me, that I get my sevarnt pay , I don,t get fired , please pray jesus saves Christy mccandless soul and if its gods will he let us get married thank you every one ron

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