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"Don't worry about anything. Instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done." - Philippians 4:6

barbara  florida Saturday August 29th - 12:59 PM MDT

brother for healing of bed sores. he has als that he can talk again.
Anonymous Monday August 17th - 8:18 AM MDT

I pray for my wife's health, my job situation, that the Lord release me from the oppressive anxiety and depression that I can't seem to shake, and that I become an unshakeable instrument for His Kingdom with faith that transcends understanding. God bless you all for your prayers.
Anonymous Friday August 14th - 8:27 AM MDT

Please remember my son today in intercessory prayer (August 14, 2015).Almighty God in Jesus Christ, YOU, are fully aware of the details and the as yet to us, unforeseen outcome.Thank YOU God and Amen for YOUR Grace, Goodness and Mercy that endureth forever. In Christ Jesus.
Desperate Job Seeker Wednesday August 5th - 5:33 PM MDT

I'm in dire straits. Please pray the Lord will help me to find the job I'm most suited to do asap, according to His perfect will. And also please pray that He will help me to get completely and permanently out of debt. Thank you.
Anonymous Sunday August 2nd - 10:29 PM MDT

God, I immediately say, in Jesus Name, that the mouths of jezebel cheating women such as but not limited to: Kailynn F. Kailynn Hook, Adreanna, Emily l., K.H., M.O, Mia, Hayden,Aliyah,Olivia, tayler, C.W., Alex, C.S, K.F., maya and A.P, and every single harlot and strange and foreign woman , is shut now and never allowed to look or speak to S.R. Or C.C. EVER in Jesus Name, we pray, Amen. I pray the de/vil and all his allies, and every evil and temptation, and everyONE and thing NOT from You, Jehovah, are bound up, cast down and blocked, IMMEDIATELY and for good, AWAY from S.R. And C.C., in Jesus Name, Amen. Lord Jesus, strengthen, unite, protect and bless S.R. And C.C. Together now and forever. Let no weapon prosper, let no snare, incident, curse, lie, thief, perversion, stronghold,foothold ,wolf,device, trap, ex-gf, ex-bf, temptation, temptress, siren, seductress, enemy, harm, harlot,adultery, ex, fear, loss, wall, or doubt come near their tent ever, in Jesus Christ our Savior's Name, we pray, Amen!Amen!Amen!
Williams Family Wednesday July 29th - 10:02 AM MDT

J., the young man shot multiple times nearly two weeks ago is going in for surgery @ noon. Please remember him in fervent, intercessory prayer. Amen. In Jesus Christ Holy Name. Jesus Christ: Please be with him and his medical team; Thank YOU Lord God.
Anonymous Saturday July 25th - 10:58 PM MDT

Jehovah Rapha heal Ashley R's left ear lobe quickly,fully and permanently and heal her whole body, dont let infection spread Lord have mercy on her and our family now. in Jesus Name, we pray,Amen.
Anonymous Saturday July 25th - 10:58 PM MDT

for the restoration of my husband mitch, he went to the doctor and they said he was ok but the past year his physical, mental and spiritual self has deteriorated, he has lost his work motivation, his face looks very drawn, he just looks like he has aged years instead of just one year, he is only 42. He is also under financial stress,overdue Jesus Name,Amen.
Anonymous Saturday July 25th - 10:57 PM MDT

pray both of my adult daughters are slow to speak, slow to become angry and quick to listen. pray the Lord gives them both, immediately & permanently self control, wisdom, gentleness, virtue, patience, love, faith, joy, knowledge, good health and all good fruits from the Holy Spirit. my youngest adult daughter just had a hissy fit in front of her fiance CC, he never sees her like this and now she is really embarrassed, because she acted like a child and then she embarrassed him also. Lord bring peace , strength, protection and blessings to this situation she created in foolishness and drive foolishness away from her. Lord protect,strengthen,bless her relationship with her soon to be husband, CC quick and let them be very forgiving, faithful, devoted, loving, romantic to solely each other always, with Christ always leading them to Him, in their relationship and soon to be marriage together. Lord, deliver them from bitterness, resentment, hate, doubt, anger, adultery, separation, seduction, lust and all evil and temptation and people/things that are NOT from our Lord God Almighty. in Jesus Christ our Savior's name, we pray, Amen.
Still Desperate! Tuesday July 21st - 5:35 PM MDT

It's getting worse. Today I was at work and my fiancÚ sent me a very troubling text about ending his life. Since I couldn't get to him I called 911 to go over there and check on him. Thankfully they intervened. But then he became angry at me for calling them to help him. Now he has sent me another troubling text and I don't know where he is. He's not at home or at any of the places he normally is at. Please pray the Lord will have mercy on him and help him. Thank you.

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