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"Don't worry about anything. Instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done." - Philippians 4:6

cath  england Monday July 20th - 12:59 PM MDT

Please pray for me and my 92 year old mom, (on 2/9/2015). I am desperate for God's intervention. We have had so much go wrong. I have evil neighbours, Jackie and Alan have caused us so much trouble, Police have not helped. I have no brothers, sisters, friends etc. Our finances are desperate. We have no one to help. Everything is too much. My boyfriend paul is nasty too me. I am ill and drinking too much as is my mum with cancer and strokes and osteoporosis n. I am ill too. Christians and church do not care. ssl2
Anonymous  USA Sunday July 19th - 3:25 PM MDT

Please pray for J. J was shot several times Saturday night (July 18, 2015). J is currently in the hospital. Please pray for J's COMPLETE Spiritual and Physical Healing. (If it be God's will) Please pray for J's Survival, Eternal Soul Salvation and Spiritual Growth. --- Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.(James 5:16 KJV)
Desperate Friday July 17th - 10:38 PM MDT

Please pray for my fiancÚ. He's had a horrendous life of abuse and betrayal. On top of that he's grieving over the loss of his parents. He's become depressed and suicidal. Please pray the Lord will have mercy on him and grant him a Divine intervention asap. Please pray he won't end his life in despair. Thank you.
for mitch Tuesday July 14th - 1:46 PM MDT

Almost as soon as my husband was 41 yrs old(a year ago) his body began to weaken. It seems like he's aged 10 years all of a sudden. He lost his 'hustle' as well and since he's been self employed his whole life, this change has drastically caused a significant decrease in our finances. He's gone to the doctor and was fine. His face sunk in, he is always tired and sad looking, he is defensive,he is fearful, his physical body is weakened for some reason. I feel bad for him. Please pray mitch is restored to great strength, faith and happiness. Lord restore and protect his health and heal him quickly and permanently. In Jesus Name, we pray, Amen.
Daniel Cahill  NYC Tuesday July 7th - 2:41 PM MDT

Hi my brothers and sisters at Word of Truth please say a prayer for me I am homeless at 68 years of age in NYC but that's not my request my request is I come into contact with some of the most hurting people you have ever seen but sometimes they are not so easy to love that is why I am asking for GODS help because I knew he loves them immensly.GOD richly bless you brother Danny 7/7/15
Anonymous  NA Tuesday July 7th - 12:07 PM MDT

Dear Lord God:My dear son is apartment hunting. Lord God, please go before him and show him THE WAY. Heavenly Father God, Only YOU know best where you want my beloved son to stay. Thank YOU Lord God, for all YOU have done for our family/my son and for all YOU plan to do. Help my son to TRUST YOU, the God of the BIBLE, to daily reveal to him through faith, repentance, personal prayer and consistent BIBLE study, a host of things my son needs to know/never knew.Humbly and expectantly in Jesus Christ Holy Name I pray. Amen
sarah and cody Monday July 6th - 1:18 AM MDT

What AND whoever is hindering the love and devotion and expression of love between Sarah and Cody is immediately rebuked, cast out and blocked in the Name of Jesus Christ we pray, Amen. Lord in Your Holy Name, Jesus Christ, all and every doubting , fearing, banshee , adulterous spirit is now cast out and away and blocked from Sarah and Cody's relationship and marriage now! Be gone liar! Return to sender in Jesus Name! In Jesus Name, all and every unclean, waywardness is bound up in Cody and Sarah and driven out and away from them quickly and for good ! Amen! Be gone cheater, be gone adulterer, be gone censored , now in Jesus Name,Amen! Lord hear my prayers, I've been praying for their marriage together for over a year, hear me Lord! Every single person influencing wayward ways, and ways that lead to death are immediately bound up and driven out & away from Cody and Sarah's life now in Jesus Name! Lord loose Your song of songs romance , right now and permanently onto Cody and Sarah for each other and each other only, of course in/through and with Christ, always, and do it now in the Name of Jesus, and protect and sustain it in the Name of Jesus! Amen Amen Amen! Lord command Your angels to stand guard at the relationship & soon to be marriage, between Cody and Sarah, right now in Jesus Name, Lord never leave them , Jesus, post up next to them and stay in Jesus Name! Amen! Lord anoint their love and faithfulness with each other with Your healing and strengthening oil, with Your saving Blood, now , in Jesus Name! Lord let Cody love Sarah like Jacob loved Rachel in the bible, in Genesis 29:20 its says (my words) that Jacob loved Rachel so much, and was devoted to her so much, that pursuing her for years felt like days to him---and in Song of songs, it says , I am my beloveds and my beloved is mine. Lord I speak these seeds of Your Word and I speak them & write them NOW, implanting them into Cody and Sarah's hearts for each other, through faith in You, in Jesus Name, and Lord if you are willing they will grow and grow and be sustained and protected together. Lord let it be Your Will, let it be done NOW and for good, Lord, and, in Jesus our Messiah's Holy and Powerful Name, we pray, Amen!!! Hallelujah!!!
Williams Family  NA Wednesday July 1st - 12:24 PM MDT

It's me again, Lord God:
My son ---- (yes, that one) has two upcoming court dates: July 13, 2015 and July 15, 2015.Please acknowledge Lord God, for Jesus Christ Holy Name sake, and be attentive to my fervent, intercessory prayer request concerning my son.Lord God in Christ Jesus: May Your Awesome Grace, Goodness and Mercy which endureth forever - which none of us deserve - continue to be abundantly manifested in the life of my errant son even now and especially so as/when he requests the necessary time (July 15, 2015) off from his employer; and, also when my son goes to court in the days ahead.For YOUR Own Pleasure, Honor, Praise and Glory, Lord God, please be favorable to my petition. Thank YOU!
"And the publican, standing afar off, would not lift up so much as his eyes unto heaven,but smote upon his breast, saying, God be merciful to me a sinner."(Luke 18:13 KJV) --- Amen.
Daniel Cahill  NYC Wednesday July 1st - 11:35 AM MDT

Hi my brothers and sisters at WOTR please i'm begging you say a prayer for me.Homeless at 68 years of age in NYC full moon and long 4th of July holiday weekend means I need GODS help to survive 24/7.GOD richly bless you brother Danny 6/1/15
Michael  Fort worth,Texas Saturday June 27th - 9:54 AM MDT

I need prayer for my faith to be restored as I almost walked away from the Lord never to return. He is working in my life but there is a long road to hoe. My business has dropped off considerably and Im trying to get it built back up to be even stronger than it was before it crashed and I have been given a burden for some time for a dance ministry within the church (couples through ballroom dance) that can help strengthen marriages and relationships through dance as it relates to God's principles for marriage and the church. I need a lot of prayer. God bless WOTR it.


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