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"Don't worry about anything. Instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done." - Philippians 4:6

Mike Saturday November 28th - 6:06 PM MST

May We pray for all the children who have been abused. May they all be healed in body, mind, spirit, emotion and soul. May they grow into happy healthy adults and never hurt again. May they know Jesus and all His saints and angels.
anna zurflüh  switzerland Monday November 23rd - 12:24 AM MST

please help us pray for our son dominic that he gots the first love to Jesus back.and Samuel our son and Nicole our daughter come back to Jesus and our dauter in low Comes to Jesus and our son in low Comes back to Jesus thankyou so much my the Lord bless you

SARAH AND CODY  USA,CA Thursday November 19th - 1:33 PM MST

For Cody to love his wife, Sarah, more than Jacob loved Rachel in the bible. it says (my wording) that Jacob pursued Rachel and loved her so much that years of doing this seemed like just days to him (Gen.29:20) praying this kind of love and devotion over Cody for Sarah A HUNDREDFOLD, daily, consistently, quickly and forever. I pray all evil, all ex-girlfriends, all harlots and harlotry, every adulterer/ess, all temptation, all doubt, all deception, all lies, all seduction, all wayward people, all wayward ways & all bad fruits, are driven quickly, fully, permanently and immediately FAR away & BLOCKED from Sarah and Cody, NOW and FOREVER in Jesus Name! For God's favor and blessings in their lives together. Let them be ONE always, in Christ! Cancel all plans of the enemy, no weapon formed against Sarah and Cody shall prosper, all attacks against them are commanded in Jesus Name, to STOP NOW & go away NOW and FOREVER, Lord Jesus place quickly Your Healing, Strengthening, Enduring, Loving, Faithful and Shielding Hedge of protection around Sarah AND Cody, and around/on their lives/ relationship/ marriage & health TOGETHER in Jesus Name, we pray, Amen.
Anonymous Thursday November 12th - 7:18 AM MST

I will be facing a client tomorrow who deceived me. I pray for the Lord's guiding hand in how to best handle this matter.
Anonymous Friday November 6th - 7:21 PM MST

Please pray for the black mold problem at my work to be cleaned up properly, stop growing and we will not get sick from this! And wisdom to know if I should leave and get a job somewhere else. In Jesus name! Amen! Thank you and God bless you!
Anonymous Sunday October 25th - 12:32 AM MDT

I struggle with mental illness.
Anonymous Thursday October 22nd - 5:59 PM MDT

Please pray for my ex-fiancé he has deep rooted emotional needs, and he's been suicidal. He also has major health problems. Please pray the Lord will save him, help him, and heal him.

Also, I desperately need a financial breakthrough. Please pray that the Lord will bless me with the funds that I need. Thank you.
Anonymous Tuesday October 6th - 7:42 PM MDT

Please pray for my roommate's son. He is in intensive care with lots of serious medical problems. And today his blood pressure bottomed out. Please pray for the Lord to heal him and encourage his soul in this midnight hour. Also, please pray for his family - wife and kids. Thanks so much.
Desperate Sunday September 20th - 1:31 AM MDT

Please continue to pray for my ex-fiancé. He's threatening to end his life right now. It's life or death for him! I'm trying to get him on the phone but he's not answering anymore.
Linda Stirn  United States Wednesday September 16th - 11:10 AM MDT

I would like to ask for your prayer for my brother(Gilbert Tata Radones) who is in the hospital for two weeks now. He is now in the recovery stage. I am asking that as the doctor slowly remove step by step the support in his breathing that his lungs can handle the breathing independently, we are worried! Please help us pray and thank you!

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