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"Don't worry about anything. Instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done." - Philippians 4:6

Anonymous Wednesday May 25th - 1:23 PM MDT

pray for family plant based diet. for my trip for finances and school and my marriage and brothers, and my mom and dads marriage!
Lee Sunday May 22nd - 3:02 PM MDT

I am a chronic addicted censored masturbator. I am addicted to pornography and masturbation. Please pray that I will be delivered from constantly masturbating myself and fingering my censoredhole. Thank you.
Linda  Vaginal. Saturday May 14th - 7:05 AM MDT

PLease pray for me. I am going through some medical problems, which may turn out to be cancer. I am terrified! I am so worried that I can't even function. I go for some test on Tue. Please pray that I can have some peace of mind and that there will not be any cancer.
Anonymous Wednesday May 11th - 10:23 AM MDT

My sister in law, Barb, was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia last week and started immediate chemo treatments. She is presently unresponsive and very weak. Please pray for God's healing touch and strength for her and her family.
Anonymous Sunday May 1st - 10:40 AM MDT

I decree and claim under the Authority of Jesus Christ, that Cody doesn't step foot in Texas, nor does he ever have the desire to,from this second forward, in Jesus Name. I decree and declare God's heavenly angels have, immediately & permanently, in Jesus Name, been sent down to Cody to crush his spirit, to cause him to repent of his wickedness, of his boastful pride, of his cheating, may he be disgusted and flee from adulterous ways NOW, in Jesus Name, I decree and declare Cody, has been delivered from all evil spirits and witchcraft of every form including medicine, in Jesus Name. I decree & declare under the Authority of Jesus Christ, Cody has repented and is full of heavenly amounts of regret for what he has caused and done. Break his heart, Jesus! Show him who did this! wake up, O sleeper! In Jesus Name! Repent! Cody regret now! Stand firm in the Lord! I stomp the devil out, I stomp him out now! You can not have any part of this situation, run Cody run! Repent! Flee from the devil! Lord make Cody repent! In Jesus Name! AMEN!
Anonymous Tuesday April 26th - 11:23 PM MDT

I decree in Jesus Name, that absolutely no Texas for Cody!!! not now not ever , not at any time, shape, form or place... Cody will never change his mind about hating Texas either, Cody will never want to ever step foot in Texas, he is rooted here, even the thought of moving turns Cody's stomach, Cody is staying put where he is , I place God's will on Cody in the name of Jesus! and I rebuke and remove and block The Narcissist John P. from Cody's life NOW, I BREAK THE CHAINS OF OF CODY, CODY IS FREE, IN JESUS NAME! I HAVE released CODY from the clutches of the devil now and permanently in Jesus name, Cody is now hedged into God's will, Cody is strong & courageous, Cody will speak in The Holy Spirits FIRE to John P. NOW, WITHOUT fear, WITHOUT HESISTATION, WITHOUT being shaken or moved, in Jesus Name! I DECLARE IMMEDIATE INTERCESSION FROM JEHOVAH EL QANNA IN THIS NOW! and I have faith ITS DONE NOW, in Jesus Name, I proclaim this done NOW!, Amen , all glory to God!!!
Anonymous Thursday April 21st - 1:22 PM MDT

Please pray for my ex-fiancÚ. His condition is way worse than ever before. He has numerous, life threatening health problems. Four days ago he ended up back in the hospital and almost died. Thankfully they were able to revive and stabilize him, but they made it very clear to him that if he has another medical crisis like the one he endured he will die.

Of even greater concern is his spiritual condition. I had met him in church and thought he was a Christian. I just thought he was a Christian who struggled with negative emotions like depression and anger because of all the neglect, abuse, and betrayal he has suffered from his childhood.
Recently though he has made some alarming statements that makes me think that while he has been religious, he may not be genuinely saved. For instance, a number of times he has said that it was stupid of Jesus to die on the cross. He has questioned the accuracy of the Bible and has even said that he doesn't believe most of what's in the Word of God. And he has said WAY WORSE unbiblical, shocking things. Plus, he has admitted that he has been angry at God for allowing him to go through all of the things he has faced.
I'm very afraid for him that he may die lost. I tried to kindly explain my concerns about his spiritual condition. I pointed out what Jesus said in Matthew 7 about those who call Him Lord, Lord but aren't truly His followers. Etc. But he insisted that he is saved because he prayed and asked God to forgive him and asked Jesus to come into his heart. Yet he continued to say negative things about God, Jesus, the Bible, etc.
I'm very afraid that this is a matter of life or death (physically and spiritually). Please pray for his health and most importantly his salvation. Please pray he won't die lost. And please pray that the Lord will give me wisdom on what to say and do regarding this matter. Thank you.
anon Monday April 18th - 5:07 PM MDT

URGENT - I absolutely need God's Intervention and Mercy in This Matter Now

Please agree with me in prayer that I will pass the 3rd party food safety audit. And for wisdom thoroughly with this new very corrupt law which I believe is to drive farmers out of business so the government can consolidate control over the masses.
And please too pray that one of my main customers (Vernons) will be patient until we can pass the audit as another company dropped us out of the blue with no prior notice. And for wisdom.

Also, for Barbara's orphans in Israel's safety and for all the other Jewish people who are undergoing attack right now. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!
Anonymous Wednesday April 13th - 9:58 AM MDT

Zechariah 14:3 Then the Lord will go forth and fight against those nations, as when He fights on a day of battle. Lord, take over by fire, the gates of Sarah & Cody's enemies & immediately bring in Your spiritual emergency, to DRIVE out every problem that has snared Sarah & Cody's life until now in the Name of Jesus! Lord God, blow a HEAVENLY HORN now, let YOUR WARRING ANGELS, sent by You, come to Sarah & Cody's aid in battle! God's warriors, GO AHEAD AND ATTACK the gathering of the vicious problems that are against Sarah & Cody in Jesus Name! O JEHOVAH EL QANNA! Arise with URGENCY for Sarah & Cody's sake, & CONSUME with YOUR FURY, every movement of the enemies against Sarah & Cody, NOW, IN JESUS NAME! Every single army of disaster & destruction marching to waste Sarah & Cody's destiny together, your time is up: BURN IN THE FIRE IN JESUS NAME! Every crisis manufactured by darkness to swallow Sarah & Cody's breakthrough, hear the word of the Lord: VOMIT Sarah & Cody's BREAKTHROUGHS! FLEE BACK TO YOUR SENDERS & SWALLOW THEM IN JESUS NAME! Every spear of panic & fear fired against Sarah & Cody's life together, YOU ARE A LIAR! EXPIRE NOW! IN JESUS NAME! ALL AGONY & SORROW, erected against Sarah & Cody's laughter & love, devotion & joyful testimonies together, BE WASTED! LIAR,YOU ARE DESOLATE NOW! IN JESUS NAME! AMEN!
Brian  Milwaukee, WI Wednesday April 13th - 6:22 AM MDT

I was diagnosed with Crohns disease a few years ago. Lately the symptoms have been getting worse, and my body has not been responding to treatment. Due to this, I have been missing alot of work. Along with a lot of stress and anxiety. Please pray that God will guide, protect, and bless me through this difficult time. Pray that treatment will work, my employer is understanding, and that I can pay my bills. In God's name, Amen.

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