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"Don't worry about anything. Instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done." - Philippians 4:6

tl  dallas Saturday November 19th - 8:46 AM MST

Praying for healing for my husband Dearin and for him to release ALL
unforgiveness of our son Leland and for him to step up and be a courageous
father and kingdom man of God. Praying that he will reach out to our son
and help him get his life back on track and show him forgiveness for past
missteps and extend love, kindness and compassion during our sons
difficult period. Praying that God will touch his heart and soften it
towards our son, in the mighty name of Jesus. Praying for positive
restoration and reconciliation of their father son broken relationship.
Praying for Dearin to fully forgive our son and be the father God has
destined him to be, in the mighty name of Jesus! Our son needs his fathers
forgiveness, positive encouragement and love in this time of difficulty in
his life. Praying for Gods will to be done and his favor to be upon our
family .
Anonymous Friday November 18th - 3:38 PM MST

Please pray for Mark his parents, Caroline, and the Smith family.
Anonymous Thursday November 17th - 2:26 AM MST

Please pray for North Carolina.
Today it will be determined who will be our governor. One candidate believes in transgender bathrooms, and the other does not. Please pray the most righteous candidate will be chosen.

Also, someone has been setting wildfires. Please pray the arsonist will be caught, and that the fires will be put out asap. Thanks so much.
Anonymous Tuesday November 8th - 1:16 AM MST

Today is a nation changing election day in the US. Whoever wins will determine the course of our country for generations to come, because they will be choosing several of the new supreme court justices. Please pray that the most righteous candidate will be chosen to be our next President. The person who will most honor Your Word, and someone who will choose justices who will do the same.
Mo  California Sunday November 6th - 7:00 AM MST

My husband Steve is not serving the Lord and has declared he is not happy and wants to end our marriage. There are about 5 instances over the last 9 years where he has been inappropriate with other females he works with. I have been praying that God would sow discord between him and this curre t woman, Gisele, and that he would come back to the Lord. Please help me pray that would would turn is life around and save and heal our marriage. Thank you so much.
Daniel Cahill  NYC Saturday October 29th - 10:32 AM MDT

Hi my brothers and sisters at Word of Truth!Please say a prayer for me homeless in NYC at 70 years of age thank GOD I am saved but still have to ride the subway at night to stay alive which is so dangerous your prayer could save my life!GOD richly bless you brother Danny 10/29/16
Jackie Lynn Monday October 24th - 2:16 PM MDT

Please pray for me, I am married and have gotten entangled in an immoral relationship. I do not have the strength, the will or the heart to say good bye to him - but I have to, and the sooner the better. I am using a pseudonym because we are somewhat well-known in our area.
Mo Sunday October 23rd - 10:58 PM MDT

My husband doesn't appear to be interested in serving God anymore and he's been distant and disinterested in our marriage. His behavior has been peculiar and selfish and he seems to be interested in spending time with others instead of his wife and being kind to anyone but his wife. Please pray that the Lord heals our marriage and turns my husband, Steve's heart toward God. Thank you so much!
Anonymous Tuesday October 18th - 8:51 PM MDT

Please, show listening with ...smartphone!
Anonymous Tuesday October 18th - 8:51 PM MDT

Please, show listening with ...smartphone!

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