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MY "MR. B"

Look at him - tell me!
What do you see?
A sweet baby boy;
As innocent as can be.

His eyes are blue,
His smile so sweet;
He spreads love ~
To ALL that he meets.

An Ependymoma tumor
Is growing in his brain;
A baby shouldn't have
Such a terrible thing!

Yet, he smiles and coos
As if all is okay ~
God is in control
He is showing His way.

I don't understand;
I have to ask why?
He's TOO small!
It makes me cry.

God's Grace is Sufficient!
To supply all our requests;
He knows Ben is sick
His plan is best!

I try not to worry ~
He's still on the throne;
Ben's right where HE wants him,
He's still one of His own.

Written to Benjamin Frank Reed
01-28-04 - 10-18-04
By "Granny"
Rebecca June Mitchell
Written: July 12, 2004


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