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Amazing Love

How much does God love us?

Jeremiah 31:3    Matthew 10:29-31

God loves you with an everlasting love, a love that endures through all time.  God cares about every sparrow and just think how much more valuable you are to Him.

How did God ultimately reveal His love?

1 John 4:9-10    John 3:16-17

God the Father ultimately demonstrated His love for us by sending Jesus to pay the penalty for our sins.  Out of love, Jesus willingly sacrificed His life.

Are we too sinful for God to love?

Romans 5:6-8   Ephesians 2:4-5
Luke 15:11-32

It doesn’t matter how many wrong things we have done in the past, Jesus loves us tremendously and is waiting with open arms to receive us.

Creation illustrates God's love!

Psalm 104:10-28

Can you see the love of God in brilliant sunsets, magnificent mountains, cascading waterfalls, the extraordinary colors of ocean life, and the beauty of dainty butterflies?  Jesus designed all creation for our pleasure!

Can anything separate us from the love of Christ?

Romans 8:35-39

What a comforting thought!  Even though we may be going through some hard or difficult times, God promises that nothing can separate us from His amazing love!

What does Jesus want to do for you?

Psalm 103:3-5

Jesus wants to forgive you, save you, and cover you with His love and mercy!


Do you realize the magnitude of God's love for you personally?

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Do you want Christ's love more real & vibrant in your life?

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