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 Andrew Peterson Music Video Posted on 12-2-2005
WOTR News Article Andrew Peterson Music Video:

This video is a live performance of "Gather Round, Ye Children Come" from Andrew Peterson's CD called "Behold The Lamb of God", currently one of our favorites.

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 "Summer Vision" by Kevin Miller Posted on 6-3-2005
WOTR News Article As I sit here writing this, my view is filled with signs of spring. It looks like the trees have finally won. Old man winter is gone, though he may try to remind us every now and then that it's not forever. The leaves are not only out but are spreading and getting their full growth. The birds are chirping happily to one another as they flit from tree to tree. The sun is shining and I can even feel its warmth. Ah yes, spring is finally sprung.

After the winter we've had it took some imagination to see the kind of days we are beginning to have. After so many gray, dull, dreary days it's easy to lose sight of the season that brings new life, energy, and radiance to our community. But we knew it was coming. There were even some who kept encouraging me with, "Just hang in there, it'll be here soon." That's having some vision.

That's what vision is really: having a sense of what's coming or can get done based on what has happened in the past. Just like the seasons come (sometimes a little late) so the goodness of God comes (never late). The ability to see ahead of the actual moment is vision. The way we see ahead is by what He's done in the past.

That's why it's important to count the blessings that have come from God. We know He gives life so we thank Him for a new day. We know He created us so we thank Him for purpose. We know He provided our salvation se we thank Him for mercy. But do we really think He looks out for the ordinary affairs of life?

Does He care that it is impossible for us to attain the kind of character for heaven? Does He care that our lives only last so long? Does He care that His mission is impossible? Does He care that we don't have the resources to cover all the bases?

Well of course He cares. The next question is: does He provide for what He calls for? Does He provide for obtaining a character fit for His kingdom? Does He provide for the end of life as well as the beginning? Does He provide the opportunities to finish the mission? Does He provide the resources to cover what we can't? Does He have that kind of power?

What does the past say? The past says that I'm not the same person I was before I met Him. I'm still growing in grace, but I'm growing because He's providing. He brings comfort to the grieving, courage to the afflicted, and hope to the dying. He's got the resurrection waiting on His people. He never sends to where He hasn't already been. The mission impossible becomes the mission accomplished under His guiding. Those things that He says to do are provided for from His resources. We often forget where those “extras” come from.

God wants bold, clear vision to advance His kingdom. That vision will constantly look to see where God is leading and how to push the boundaries of His kingdom ever larger. It means we need to rely on God to provide for what He leads us to do. We need the kind of vision that saw our need and provided for it with the Son of God.

This summer let's endeavor to see bigger, brighter, and bolder for the kingdom. Let's cry to God to show us His vision so we can feel the warmth of the changing season within our own spiritual community. God Bless,

-- Pastor Kevin Miller

Click here to listen to sermons by Kevin Miller

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 New Music: Art Turner Posted on 5-18-2005
WOTR News Article imageNew Featured Music: Art Turner The piano music of Art Turner has been described as "a perfect soundtrack for times of personal reflection. It will refresh your soul and renew your spirit." you're looking for.

Art's current CD is entitled "Art Effects - Original Piano Solos" and it's outstanding: Eleven songs to help you find deeper intimacy with God
in your moments of quiet reflection.

The music of Art Effects provides a soundtrack for your personal spiritual journey. Eleven songs progress through a series of ideas that might flow naturally during your time of personal reflection and worship.

It starts with Morning Glory, as we greet the new day and joyfully anticipate what God is going to do today. We begin by praising Him (Praise to the Lord, the Almighty). When we consider His perfection, we are moved to examine ourselves and our spiritual condition (Worthy to Enter).

We remember and relive His story: He was here among us (You Are Here). His Son, our foundation and our refuge ("How Firm a Foundation / Rock of Ages"), was revealed (You Have Revealed Your Son). His plan of grace was made known (Amazing Grace), and it was offered to all (Is Anyone Thirsty?).

Then He left, returning to the Father (Leavetaking). But He will come again. We praise our Lord (Fairest Lord Jesus), and we lean on Him daily (Leaning on the Everlasting Arms).

Buy Art Effects directly from Art and get free shipping
(Free shipping to addresses in the U.S. and Canada)

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You can buy piano sheet music for all the songs on the Art Effects CD and download it immediately! Click here to browse the sheet music collection and purchase your selections.

"It is my prayer that the music of Art Effects will affect you in a positive way and will help you find a deeper intimacy with God in your moments of quiet reflection." -- Art Turner

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