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 Acoustic Praise: New Music Highlights Posted on 11-16-2010
WOTR News Article

Acoustic Praise: New Music Highlights

We've added quite a bit of new music to our Acoustic Praise station over the last few months:

Glory Revealed II

Glory Revealed II

Glory Revealed paired scripture-based lyrics with a cast of CCM all-stars, from Third Day's Mac Powell to Backstreet Boys vocalist Brian Littrell. The album was supported by a national tour, and the camaraderie established while on the road prompted the musicians to reconvene in 2008 for a second project. Recorded on a farm in rural Georgia, Glory Revealed II finds the cast strumming through another batch of worship songs, all of which quote heavily from scripture and rely on relaxed, acoustic arrangements. This is gospel music for camping trips, an album that shies away from the pop and Christian rock pedigrees of its cast and, instead, focuses on something earthy, rustic, and stripped-down. As before, Mac Powell serves as the unspoken leader of the group, and he figures prominently on three tracks. Glory Revealed II is largely a group effort, though, featuring the songwriting talents of more than ten musicians and emphasizing a communal approach to recording. For those looking to memorize scripture, this is a tuneful place to start.

Song List:

1. How Great
2. Rejoice In The Lord
3. Since The World Began
4. What We Proclaim
5. Praise The Lord
6. Wake Up The Sleeper
7. Blessed Hope
8. There Is A City
9. Cup O' Salvation
11. To You Be The Glory
12. Psalm 23

More Info about Glory Revealed II
WOTR Artist Page
Official Site

Caedmon's Call - Overdressed

From Caedmon’s Call


Caedmon’s Call returns to what they do best with their new album titled Overdressed. The seminal folk-pop act has moved to a new label home at INO Records with this release, a revival of their acoustic guitar-driven sound. Overdressed also features the return of Derek Webb to the Caedmon’s fold, adding his vocals and songwriting to the album and upcoming tour.

Song List:

1. Trouble
2. Need Your Love
3. Sacred
4. Expectations
5. There Is A Reason
6. Share In The Blame
7. Hold The Light
8. Two Weeks In Africa
9. Love Grows Love
10. All Across The Western World
11. Always Been There
12. Start Again
13. Love (Bonus Track)
14. Ten Thousand Angels (Bonus Track)

More Info about Caedmon’s Call
WOTR Artist Page
Official Site

JJ Heller - Painted Red

Painted Red
From JJ Heller


JJ Heller's musical career was birthed through the death of a dream to play college basketball. A disappointing basketball debut her freshman year of college led her to pick up a guitar during her sophomore year of school. That same year, JJ met her future husband, David Heller, shortly thereafter the couple began playing her songs in the San Francisco Bay Area. I grew up loving creative writing. Once I learned to play the guitar, song writing came with it, said JJ, who has been a full-time singer/songwriter since the spring of 2003. Six years and three full-length records later, JJ s acoustic-folk sound and heartfelt lyrics have netted the Nashville-based artist a loyal following. I feel called to be honest about what s going on in my life -- to talk and sing about the struggles that I face so that my listeners realize that they are not alone, explains JJ. For some reason, Christians (including myself) sometimes think, if I m following the Lord and doing the best I can, that life will be easy, and it s not. That s where grace comes in, and that s where we grow. Music and grace aren t the only things growing in the Heller household these days. This December (2009) their little girl, Lucy Love, turns one year old. JJ says the themes of hope and redemption showcased on their new album, Painted Red, largely draw from the life experience leading up to Lucy's birth. We have the choice to live in fear, or to live in the hope that God is in every moment with us, JJ says. That s one of the major themes of this season in my life. It's a theme reflected in her song Your Hands, When my world is shaking, heaven stands. When my heart is breaking, I never leave your hands.

Song List:

1. Save Me
2. All I Need
3. Not Mine Anyway
4. Back Home
5. Invisible Love
6. Only Have One
7. You Ruin Me
8. You Would Love Me Too
9. True Things
10. Keep You Safe
11. Your Hands
12. Painted Red

More Info about JJ Heller
WOTR Artist Page
Official Site


Justin McRoberts - Deconstruction

From Justin McRoberts


Justin McRoberts is a highly respected singer/songwriter who, over the past 9 years, has carved out a niche for himself in the independent music scene. He is one of those rare artists who can blend artistry, honesty and humor. He has recorded 6 full-length albums, 3 EPs and maintains a full tour schedule year round. As a songwriter and communicator, Justin’s support of the International Justice Mission, Compassion International and Blood Water Mission has become a central part of his heart and his mission. In his own words, “My heart has been broken for the poor and oppressed. It brings me life to plead the case of the poor, oppressed and marginalized.” McRoberts’ most recent release, Deconstruction (2008), is laden with the same disarming honesty the 34 year old has always been known for. Working from the criticisms of skeptic writers such as Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins and Bertrand Russell, McRoberts’ new collection of songs cuts to the heart of what it means to be human. The themes of justice and compassion touched on by the album are part of what McRoberts sees as a larger definition of humanity than science or even religion can offer.

Song List:

1. Done Living
2. America and the Soul
3. Hope Deferred
4. Driving By the Accident
5. Deconstruction
6. When It Don't Come Easy
7. Religion Poisons Everything
8. On the Night You Were Betrayed
9. Bullhorn Theory
10. Hope Is Where We're Starting From
11. Common Sense
12. Until There Is No Tomorrow
13. My Only Victory

More Info about Justin McRoberts
WOTR Artist Page
Official Site


Scott Phillips - Next Stop Willoughby

Next Stop Willoughby
From Scott Phillips


Scott Phillips is a Nashville based independent artist originally from the rolling green hills of Northwestern Pennsylvania. He is a husband and a new daddy (as of March 23rd, 2006!). In his spare time, Scott likes to hike, swim, camp, jump off tall things into water, and build things with wood. Lyrically, Scott opens the door to deeper parts of himself - beyond the fluff of much of today's popular music. "Honesty paves the way to originality," says Scott. "If we can't be honest, we cannot expect to be unique; true to ourselves." He's been an indie artist for almost 5 years now and has released 4 full-length albums - most recently a project titled "Next Stop Willoughby." He is a signed songwriter at BMG / Brentwood Benson (basically, that means he gets paid to sit around and write songs, which is what he would do even if he weren't getting paid). He likes being on stage performing his music better than just about anything.

Song List:

1. The Ghost of Jesus
2. Sun
3. A Nursery Rhyme (Fleece)
4. Gold
5. It All Comes Down
6. The Empty
7. Show Me The Way
8. Hero
9. The Ashes
10. Shallow
11. To Keep It Alive
12. Next Stop Willoughby

More Info about Scott Phillips
WOTR Artist Page
Official Site

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 Acoustic Praise: New Music Highlights Posted on 6-27-2009
WOTR News Article

Acoustic Praise: New Music Highlights

We've added quite a bit of new music to our Acoustic Praise station over the last few months:

What If We
From Brandon Heath

It's a simple but powerful question. What if we? What if we take a risk? What if we choose to follow our hearts, what if we don't? What if we sit in the quiet and truly listen to God's voice, what if we continue to fill our lives with noisy clutter? What if we look at others through the eyes of Jesus? Singer songwriter Brandon Heath continues to inspire the possibilities on the follow up to his Dove nominated Song of the Year I'm Not Who I Was from debut album Don't Get Comfortable. Featuring "Give Me Your Eyes", "Love Never Fails" and 'Sunrise", Brandon's latest offering is an honest, heart-spoken journey that further solidifies his voice in our community of believers.

Song List:

1. Give Me Your Eyes
2. Wait And See
3. Trust You
4. London
5. Sunrise
6. Sore Eyes (Featuring Jars Of Clay)
7. Love Never Fails
8. Listen Up
9. Fight Another Day
10. When I'm Alone
11. No Not One

More Info about Brandon Heath


A Hymn Project
From Shelly Moore Band

Song List:

1. Come Ye Sinners
2. Jesus, What a Friend for Sinners
3. Jesus, I Come
4. Joyful, Joyful
5. Hallelujah, What a Savior
6. Jesus, I am Resting

More Info about Shelly Moore Band

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 New Music: Indelible Grace Music Posted on 3-21-2009
WOTR News Article

We've added some new CDs to our Acoustic Praise station from Indelible Grace Music:

About Indelible Grace Music:

"Our hope is to help the church recover the tradition of putting old hymns to new music for each generation, and to enrich our worship with a huge view of God and His indelible grace. This site is designed to nurture this movement by offering resources and a place to interact with others about hymns and worship."

More Info about Indelible Grace Music:


Indelible Grace
From Indelible Grace

"My name from the palms of his hands, eternity will not erase; impressed on his heart it remains, in marks of indelible grace."
August Toplady wrote these lines 250 years ago as he pondered words written by Isaiah over 2500 years earlier! (Is. 49:15-16) Truly the gospel is not a passing fad. Isaiah is drawing a contrast with the pagan worshippers who would often carve the name of their "god" into their own palms - the throbbing pain a constant reminder of their devotion!
While our God needs to reminders, the image does serve to remind us of the nature of the gospel. Pagan worship (much of it practiced in the name of Christ by the way!) is all about trying to get the "gods" to notice you, but the gospel is that God took notice of us when we were without hope, that He "pitied us while enemies," and then inflicted incalculable pain upon himself so that we would never be forsaken or forgotten!
In these hymns we have touched something solid and real, and our hearts resonate with the rich expressions of a faith that embraces both joy and sorrow.
Our hope is that the church would recover the tradition of putting old hymns to new music for each generation, and that God's people would be encouraged to worship him with words written by men and women with a huge view of God and His sovereign and "indelible grace." On behalf of the college group at Christ Community and Reformed University Fellowship at Belmont University, we hope you will be challenged and strengthened by this project!

Song List:

1. Come Ye Sinners
2. And Can It Be
3. Love Constraining to Obedience
4. I Need Thee Every Hour
5. O Love That Will Not Let Me Go
6. Arise, My Soul, Arise
7. It Thou Hast Drawn
8. Thou Lovely Source of True Delight
9. O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus
10. Approach, My Soul, the Mercy Seat
11. I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say
12. Debtor to Mercy Alone
13. O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing
14. Church's One Foundation
15. Glorius Things of Thee Are Spoken
16. Whatever My God Ordains Is Right
17. Dear Refuge of My Weary Soul

Purchase this CD:

Pilgrim Days: Indelible Grace II
From Indelible Grace

Worship is always formative. It shapes us as a people of God and thus it matters what we sing. We have found that the great hymns of the church have unparalleled power to mold us in our calling to "live as strangers here in reverent fear" (1Peter 1:17)
These hymns are indelible reminders that God's people can know the transforming power of the gospel in the midst of sin and sorrow. We can find "joy in every station, something still to do or bear" if by grace we are able to heed the hymnwriters and "Think what Spirit dwells within thee, think what Father's smiles are thine, think that Jesus died to win thee, child of heaven canst thou repine?"
In an age of instant gratification, we need the help of these poets of the church to help us live and think as genuine Christians, and to embrace the vital truths captured in these hymns. It is not easy to believe that the gospel of God's grace has power to so transform our hearts that we could actually cry out "Go then earthly fame and treasure, come disaster, pain, and scorn. In Thy service pain is pleasure, with Thy favor loss is gain." It is difficult in our culture of personal peace and affluence to really believe (and enjoy) the fact that "Soon shall pass thy pilgrim days. Hope shall change to glad fruition, faith to sight and prayer to praise." But we have found singing these hymns has helped us. We pray you might find the same.

Song List:

Thy Mercy My God
Free Grace
Psalm 51:1
Sometimes A Light Surprises
How Sweet The Name Of Jesus Sounds
O Love Incomprehensible
Jesus I My Cross Have Taken
The Sands Of Time Are Sinking
Psalm 73
What Wondrous Love Is This
Poor Sinner Dejected With Fear
O Day Of Rest And Gladness
Laden With Guilt And Full Of Fears
On Jordan's Stormy Banks I Stand

Purchase this CD:

For All The Saints: Indelible Grace III
From Indelible Grace

Worship is about having our sanity restored and getting in touch with reality. The gospel is always about bringing us to our senses - as the prodigal discovered! And we have come to love these hymns because they remind us of what is real and what is true - Jesus died to justify the wicked, and that changes everything! Rather than flatter ourselves, we can embrace the reality that we come to God from "bondage, sorrow and night" and yet thrill to the fact that still He invites us to come! The gospel is the great surprise that stirs us to "love and sing and wonder" because the Lord who bought us "pitied us when enemies" and in His death at the cross "grace and justice, join and point to mercy's store." All the wrath due His people was poured out on Jesus and so "when through grace in Christ our trust is, justice smiles and asks no more!" This is the gospel that drives these hymns, that brings the kind of courage celebrated in "For All The Saints" and that brings freedom to come to Jesus even when full of "arrogant pride". We love these hymns because they help us see the kingdom of God as bigger than just our moment in time, and the church as bigger than just our friends. These hymns connect us to those who have gone before - those who've struggled just like us and who have found the gospel big enough for all their struggles! We sing these hymns in the hope that God would sink these truths deep into our hearts - and believe He is doing just that.
This is now our third collection of hymns set to new music, and this one has a mood of sober joy. I think reality is just sinking in a little more. The Christian life is not about closing our eyes and pretending Jesus turns all of our lemons into lemonade, and worship music should never be about helping us live out of touch with reality. Rather worship music should deepen our gaze of Jesus and His beauty and at the same time, open our eyes to the brokenness in ourselves and our world and compel us to take up our cross and follow Him. We have been "ransomed, healed, restored, forgiven" - and that changes everything!

Song List:

Jesus I Come (Out Of My Bondage) (Matthew Perryman Jones)
Jesus Everlasting King (Matthew Smith)
O Come And Mourn (Sandra Mccracken)
Praise My Soul The King Of Heaven (Emily Deloach)
The Love Of Christ (Derek Webb)
Lo He Comes (Matthew Smith)
Not What My Hands Have Done (Taylor)
She Must And Shall Go Free (Sandra Mccracken)
Jesus With Thy Church Abide (Andrew Osenga)
Jesus Cast A Look On Me (Matthew Perryman Jones)
Let Us Love And Sing And Wonder (Laura Taylor)
A Sinner's Cry (Katy Bowser)
O Word Of God Incarnate (Jeff Pardo)
For All The Saints (Dan Haseltine)

Purchase this CD:

Wake Thy Slumbering Children: Indelible Grace V
From Indelible Grace

It is a joy to introduce you to this latest collection of hymns with new tunes. These hymns help us express our heart cries in words richer than our own, and open our eyes to see the beauty of a Savior who has promised the blessings we need most. What joy to know that as we cry "Wake Thy slumbering children!" we cry to the Father for His "promised blessing" to revive His church. What comfort to know that even when our hearts are bereaved and lonely, we can be reminded and encouraged: "O watch and wait with patience, and question all you will; His arms of love and mercy are 'round about thee still." What power to know that as we cry, "Come, Lord, and wipe away the curse, the sin, the stain, and make this blighted world of ours Thine own fair world again" we actually cry out to the One who died to make this dream a reality. What glory to know that, even in our dying hour, we can plead "abide with me" to the One who has promised to never leave or forsake us. We commend these hymns because we believe they have power to wake us to the reality of our great need for Jesus and open our eyes to see we have a great Jesus for our need.

Song List:

Cling to the Crucified - Jeremy Casella
O Help My Unbelief - Andrew Osenga
In the Hours - Emily Deloach
Abide with Me - M P Jones
Arise, O God and Shine - Matthew Smith
Beneath the Cross of Jesus - Derek Webb & Sandra McCracken
Give Reviving - Chelsey Scott
Hear Our Prayer (The Litany Song) - Emily Deloach
O Heart Bereaved and Lonely - Sandra McCracken
All Must Be Well - Matthew Smith
Come Then, Lord Jesus - Katy Bowser
Go to Dark Gethsemane - Sandra McCracken
Face to Face - M P Jones
Come, Said Jesus' Sacred Voice - Matthew Smith

Purchase this CD:


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