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Linda Kazmarek


Linda Kazmarek has been playing the piano since she was six years old. Music in Linda’s family was very important. But most important was their faith in God. Linda, at the age of nine, came to know the Lord and at the age of 12 dedicated her life to full-time Christian service.  Linda attended and graduated from the Peabody Institute of Music, earning a degree in Music Education with a major in piano and a minor in voice. Linda has continued to further her education with post graduate studies. She has held positions as organist, choir director and pianist in several churches. This has given her many opportunities to perform and play piano solos for all occasions.

Linda says, "Music has always been used to comfort, to soothe, to initiate feelings of happiness and contentment. All of these feelings and more are tools that I use in my Music Ministry. In my performances, I want those listening to become involved in what they are hearing. I want them to be blessed by what they hear and in some aspect relate it to the season in their life. If they do not know the Lord, I want it to be an instrument of bringing them to know Him. I want my audience, to hear beauty, sense the love of Jesus, and my love for Him as they listen to the music."


Linda Kazmarek's Website: http://pianoforpraise.com/



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