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Tips For Better Health

Your Lifestyle: Does it Really Matter?

Practical Ways to Improve Your Quality of Life

It isn't too hard to figure out that the way we treat our bodies is going to affect the way we feel.  Last time we discovered that our choices greatly impact our state of well being.

Can early eating prevent early Death?

A lot of people are surprised when they find out just how important eating a wholesome breakfast really is.  Research has shown that individuals who eat breakfast and do not snack in between meals have less than half the risk of early death than those who skip breakfast and eat snacks. (Information taken from a classic study performed by Belloc & Breslow)

Eating breakfast is also very good for your heart and you'll probably reduce the risk of heart attack.  Why?  Because the body's blood clotting cells become "stickier" in the morning before breakfast and this increases the chances of a blood clot forming.  This can cause a heart attack if the clot forms in a heart blood vessel.  This means that eating an early meal can help the blood vessels become less "sticky" which will decrease the risk of a morning heart attack.  It's a fact that most heart attacks occur between 7 AM and 12 noon.  Those who eat breakfast are 1 1/2 times less likely to experience this.

Breakfast for the Brain?

In 1995, the University of California reviewed the scientific studies dealing with the positive effects of partaking in a good breakfast.  The researchers concluded that the "eating of breakfast is important to learning, memory, and physical well-being in both children and adults."

The evidence now suggests that a healthy breakfast is essential for maximum efficiency, both mentally and physically.  Other benefits include:

1.) More efficient problem solving

2.) Improved memory

3.) Increased verbal fluency

4.) Improved attention span

5.) Better attitudes

6.) Better scholastic scores

Even though breakfast is so beneficial, many choose to skip it for a variety of reasons.  One excuse people give is that they just are not hungry in the morning, which usually means that they eat too much, too late in the evenings.  Many people also believe that abstaining from breakfast will keep them from putting on extra pounds.  But this isn't true! 

Some years ago, Dr. Charles Cupp embarked upon a fascinating study that spanned 7 decades.  He instructed hundreds of overweight patients to change their meal pattern from a heavy meal in the evening to a large morning meal, a moderate lunch, and a light supper.  Here's the results:

All the patients who followed the instructions lost weight.   Blood sugar levels of diabetic patients who lost 30 lb. or more were normalized.

The practice of eating a regular breakfast should be incorporated into any serious weight reduction program.  Most evening meals are rich in fat and cholesterol, while breakfast is more centered around fruits and grains.  These breakfast foods are rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and they do not contain cholesterol.

So, if you're not eating a good breakfast each morning, tomorrow is the best time to start!

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