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Click here for pictures from our recent trip to the Milwaukee Zoo

The zoo is a wonderful place to go for people of all ages.  Whether your 7 or 17, 8 or 80, you're sure to have a great time, as long as you like animals and the weather isn't too bad!  The zoo is an excellent way to see many of God's creatures that you wouldn't normally be able to enjoy.  And with many animals, you can get a lot closer than you could in the wild, especially with the predators!

A few pictures of our recent trip to the local zoo:
(click the pictures for a larger view and description)


If you can't go to the zoo today, try a fun activity:

Try Creation Concentration
(Match up the animals to reveal a hidden picture: Lots of fun!)

Try the Zoo Sliding Puzzle
(Try to re-construct the hippo by sliding around the tiles)

Take the Zoo Quiz
(If you think this one is too easy, try the next one)

Take the Advanced Zoo Quiz
(Still to easy?!  What are you, some kind of genius?)


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