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Click here for pictures from our recent trip to Shedd Aquarium in Chicago

Fish aquariums are one of the best ways to enjoy the majestic underwater-world God has created, and you don't even need to leave the comforts of your own home in order to behold these scenes of beauty!  Maybe you can't afford scuba diving equipment or you don't live anywhere near a body of water, or maybe you do, it doesn't matter what the situation is: you can bring some of the most beautiful elements of nature right into your living room when you set up a fish tank full of aquatic life.

Here's a few pictures of our fishy-friends:
(click the pictures for a larger view)

email us your fish pics and we'll post them!

Top 10 Reasons Why I think Fish Are the Best Pets You Can Have:

1.) They don't make any noise (except for the occasional Splash)
2.) They're easy to take care of
3.) They don't stink up your house (unless you never change any of their water)
4.) They won't dig in your flower gardens
5.) They won't bite your neighbor (unless he sticks his finger in the tank)
6.) Their food is cheap and you don't need to buy it very often
7.) They won't make a mess on your carpet or lawn
8.) They won't run away
9.) They don't shed
10.) No vet bills (unless you buy fish at the wrong place:
      Support your local fish dealer; Avoid Wal-Mart)

Perhaps one of the best parts about having an aquarium is just the simple pleasure of watching the fish swim.  It's a very relaxing way to get your mind off the cares of this life and to ponder the love of our great Creator God.

Modern technology has made fish keeping a piece of cake.  Some fish can even survive with almost no special attention at all, but most varieties prefer to have some of their water changed at least once a month (the best method is to change 1/3 of their water every 2 weeks; emptying all the water and stripping the tank down is NOT recommended).  be sure to clean the filters from time to time as well.  Keeping an aquarium nice and tidy is very simple if you follow these simple guidelines.  A good algae eater is very helpful and fun to watch, too!

Not only are today's tanks easy to maintain, they're also getting cheaper to purchase.  Larger tanks are becoming more affordable, too, and they are the best choice if you want your fish to thrive and reach their highest potential.  A tiny fishbowl is not a good option!



One of the most enjoyable aspects of an aquarium is setting up the environment.  I like to keep everything as natural-looking as possible, with caves made from attractive rocks for the fish to live in and chase each other through.  Live plants are another great addition.  Neon colored rocks and bubble toys are okay, but the fish will enjoy your aquarium a lot more if you try to duplicate their natural home as much as you can.



Feeding time is a lot of fun, both for you and the fish!  You can get all kinds of food for your little friends.  Almost all fish like flakes, but what they really love is variety!  Would you like to eat the same type of food everyday for the rest of your life?  Sure, you would survive, but it'd get awfully boring after a while, wouldn't it?  So be creative with your pets: Tubifex worms are really nice. They come in little squares that you can stick on the glass and watch your fish nibble away.  They also go crazy over brine shrimp and many other types of food, so see if you can find what your fish like the best.

If you've never had an aquarium, you don't know what your missing!



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