Wholesome Family Activities
For the Christian Family
Team up, take turns, put your heads together, and have a good time!


Bible Games

Bible Matching
(Can you match up these Bible clues and characters?)

Bible Trivia
(Choose from three skill levels to test out your Bible knowledge)

Bible Word Find
(Search for words in categories such as New Testament Characters)

Bible Word Guess
(Try to guess the Bible word by selecting letters)

 Bible Phrases
(Similar to Bible Word Guess, but you try to guess phrases)

Bible Crossword
(Do you have the Bible skills needed to fill in the blanks?)

Bible Word Jumble
(See if you can unscramble these Bible words)

Bible Jigsaw Puzzles
(Choose from a variety of Bible pictures. Lots of fun!)

Bible Order Game
(Can you put the books of the Bible in the right order?)

Bible Word Magnets
(Move the word magnets around to form Bible verses)

Bible Sliding Puzzle
(Featuring a picture of Jesus welcoming the redeemed into heaven)


Creation Activities

Creation Concentration
(Sharpen your memory by matching up the animals to reveal a hidden picture)

Nature Jigsaw Puzzles
(Select a view of God's creation and then piece it together)

The Underwater Memory Game
(Can you remember where you saw that part of the ocean?)

Creation Tic Tac Toe
(Choose the Lion or the Monkey and see if you can beat the computer)


Brain Boosters

Test Your Hand/Eye Coordination
(How many boxes can you check in 20 seconds?)

Test Your Reflexes
(Are your reflexes up to speed? Choose your level and find out)